Petition to President Biden: Take Executive Action on Student Debt!

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To President Joe Biden:

We need you to move the United States forward through actions like cancelling student debt -- and not to settle for a return to the unequal 2016 status quo. An order to cancel student debt would not only be morally just, but also would serve as a crucial economic stimulus. We agree with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer: take executive action on student debt!

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5708 5 months ago Jim head Oak Park, MI , US
5707 5 months ago Ana Pape Tomball, TX , US
5706 5 months ago Anonymous Hailey, ID , US S
5705 5 months ago Sherrill Futrell Davis, CA , US It'll help the economy even more than it will help our students!
5704 5 months ago Marilyn Almonte LOUISVILLE, KY , US I am a teacher and I serve humanity. There are many people who can continue to contribute to the betterment of humanity if you can cancel our outrageous student debt and interest.
5703 5 months ago Jennifer Wyatt Seattle, WA , US
5702 5 months ago Barbara Lynn Sandisfield, MA , US
5701 5 months ago John Moszyk St Louis, MO , US
5700 5 months ago Paul Grohman Yonkers, NY , US
5699 5 months ago Christine Powell GAITHERSBURG, MD , US
5698 5 months ago Anonymous Tempe, AZ , US
5697 5 months ago Barry Greenhill Reston, VA , US
5696 5 months ago Meghan Jones White Plains, NY , US The cancellation of student debt has broad bipartisan support. Please take this important action to provide an economic stimulus and an important step towards equity.
5695 5 months ago Christopher Morrow Fredericksburg, VA , US
5694 5 months ago Michelle Stein Duluth, MN , US
5693 5 months ago James Vallejos Aurora, CO , US
5692 5 months ago Mary Duerksen Oxford, OH , US
5691 5 months ago Anonymous Chicago, IL , US
5690 5 months ago Danielle Holubowski Nazareth , PA , US
5689 5 months ago Haley Hansen-Young River Edge, NJ , US
5688 5 months ago Joan Yater Alexandria, VA , US
5687 5 months ago Susan Sheinfeld Quincy, MA , US
5686 5 months ago Nancy Parris Mt Prospect, IL , US This is something that would leave you with a guaranteed legacy of being present for the people. If it is not done the legacy will be quite different. I see this everyday. These student loans are...
5685 5 months ago Cecile Adams Muskego, WI , US I strongly urge you to take action tout suite! Thanks!!
5684 5 months ago BRETT KENGOR Struthers, OH , US
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