Petition to Trump: Don't Iraq Iran!

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What the United States did to Iraq must not be done to Iran!

Sign this petition to President Trump:

To President Donald Trump:

I urge you not to launch, and to cease risking the initiation of, a war on Iran. You have accurately described the decision to attack Iraq as one of the worst in U.S. history. This one could be worse.

I encourage you to meet peacefully with Iranian leaders, cease threatening war, dismiss your subordinates who are intent on war, end inhumane sanctions, and remove U.S. troops from the region.

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11359 1 month ago F B DARTFORD, ot , GB
11358 1 month ago Jacqueline Jeffers Washington, DC , US
11357 1 month ago Alexistori Gonzalez Boutte, LA , US
11356 1 month ago Alexistori Gonzalez Boutte, LA , US
11355 1 month ago Alexistori Gonzalez Boutte, LA , US
11354 1 month ago Alexistori Gonzalez Boutte, LA , US No Wars Please...Wars are the
11353 1 month ago bernardo alayza mujica Sioux City, IA , US
11352 1 month ago dennis hanley Taunton, MA , US Trump is just another puppet, who works for a larger entity..." 7 countries in 5 years " ...a plan by the USA to destabilize 7 countries in 5 years...Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Lebano...
11351 1 month ago Evan Hartman Philadelphia PA 19123, PA , US
11350 1 month ago Jonathan Pinkey Tulsa, OK ,
11349 1 month ago Sandra Hartline Nelson, BC , CA
11348 1 month ago yasminb solomon gualala, CA , US NO WAR ON IRAN! We should have stayed in the Nuclear Deal. Sanctions are creating much pain for the citizens of Iran! Shame on our war mongering president and his war mongers especially john bolton....
11347 1 month ago Evan Hartman Philadelphia PA 19123, PA , US
11346 1 month ago Tana Stoiberg Tarzana, CA , US We don't need more wars. All it does is increase growing animosity towards the US and inhibits mutual respect among countries. How about continued efforts towards the improvement of our own economy;...
11345 1 month ago Christine Uranowski Tampa, FL , US
11344 1 month ago Susan Immel Flagstaff , AZ , US
11343 1 month ago Anonymous NewYork, MI , GB
11342 1 month ago Donald Shaw St. Petersburg, FL , US
11341 1 month ago Lisa O'Farrell Galway, IE
11340 1 month ago Macky McCallum Galway, IE The Mango mong will stumble into war, unless an adult directs him otherwise. This is a sureal portion of time and, unfortunately, what adults there are, in the world of international politics, are i...
11339 1 month ago Stephen Halpern Cherry Hill, NJ , US
11338 1 month ago Robert Thomas Rowland Heights , CA , US A war against Iran would not only be a disaster for the Middle East but also would have serious repercussions for the rest of the world.
11337 1 month ago Frances Dunham Gulf Breeze, FL , US
11336 1 month ago Brian McGrady Belfast, ot , IE Dear President Trump,
You have a choice to be a leader, or a follower and a war criminal, like George Herbert and George Waker Bush, Barrak Obama and Tony Blair, How do you want to be remembere...
11335 1 month ago Rucha Harde Nagpur, ot , IN
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