Tell U.S. Media to Fix Its Palestine Coverage

We have four simple demands for U.S. mainstream media outlets to help fix their broken coverage of Palestine. (Some outlets, of course, are less biased than others.) Add your name below before we deliver this petition to U.S. mainstream media:

1. Include the voices of Palestinian rights activists and peace activists, both from Palestine and from the United States.

2. Include the stories of Palestinian victims and their friends and loved ones.

3. Use the active voice. If the Israeli military kills someone, say so. Don't say that Palestinians died, or "died in clashes," and leave the cause of death a mystery to be discovered through careful reading of later paragraphs.

4. Provide appropriate context so that those you are informing of the latest violence know that Israel forcibly removed Palestinians from their homes in 1948 and through the 1967 war, that Israel today illegally occupies and blockades Palestinians, that Israel holds many Palestinian political prisoners, that Israel receives billions of dollars in free high-tech weaponry from the United States every year, and that none of these things is true for the other "side" of the "conflict."

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10401 4 months ago David H. Finke Oberlin, OH
10400 4 months ago lauren bond new york, NY
10399 4 months ago Lara Backman Seattle, WA
10398 4 months ago Anonymous Haverhill, MA
10397 4 months ago Feng ZHu Ann Arbor, MI
10396 4 months ago Anonymous Chicago, IL
10395 4 months ago Patricia Marlatt Hollywood Hills, CA
10394 4 months ago sarah stevens Martinez, CA
10393 4 months ago Iwona Torosdag Egg Harbor Township, NJ
10392 4 months ago Kristen Emly Minneapolis , MN News should cover news events, not opionated partial stories. Covering-up for racist aggressors is not news. The time for change is now.
10391 4 months ago Loretta Larkin Jersey City, NJ
10390 4 months ago marilyn lindholm Champaign, IL
10389 4 months ago Catherine Keys Medford, OR
10388 4 months ago Ellen Stern Farmington Hills, MI
10387 4 months ago Anonymous Staten Island , NY
10386 4 months ago Emma Jennings Pasadena, TX
10385 4 months ago Travis Jennings Pasadena, TX
10384 4 months ago Shera Carlton Santa Rosa , CA I don’t watch mainstream propaganda
This is why
10383 4 months ago Kendall Lovett Preston Victoria, ot Tell the truth about Israel's ongoing action against the Palestinians and US complicity in the one-sided conflict.
10382 4 months ago linda crown chicago, IL
10381 4 months ago linda crown chicago, IL
10380 4 months ago linda crown chicago, IL
10379 4 months ago Deirdre Santaniello Willits, CA Reporting on foreign countries involved in conflicts needs to present a balanced picture of both sides of the issue.
10378 4 months ago Ken Huggins Sturminster Newton, ot
10377 4 months ago JOANN C. AUSTIN South China, ME
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