Urge Ecuador to Protect WikiLeaks from Persecution by Team Trump

Please let Ecuador’s leaders know that you support their courageous stand in protecting press freedom, as well as their right to grant political asylum and resist United States/United Kingdom intimidation.

To President Lenin Moreno, Ecuador
CC: Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa

In 2012, the government of Ecuador bravely stood up for freedom of the press and against threats from the United States and United Kingdom by granting political asylum to WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange. In response to his publishing activities that revealed U.S. war crimes and imperial misconduct, Assange was threatened with prosecution in the United State for espionage, while some U.S. political leaders called for his assassination. With an even more aggressively militaristic regime in power in Washington D.C. today, we encourage you to stand firm and not renege on Mr. Assange’s political asylum status.

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12419 10 months ago Elizabeth Ørskov Hanstholm, DK
12418 10 months ago Cliff Wallace Granite City, IL , US a Hostage From the Sun
For Showing Us the Wrongs
Of Those That Govern you
12417 11 months ago Sonnie Paschal Santa Ana, CA , US
12416 11 months ago Cheryl Dzubak Yardville, NJ , US
12415 11 months ago Diana Ramirez Staten Island , NY , US
12414 11 months ago Alex Stavis NY, NY , US
12413 11 months ago Chris Rothery Edinburgh, ot , GB
12412 11 months ago P Pires Swindon, ot , GB When they come for Equador , then you will appreciate freedom ...
12411 11 months ago Pauline Hollywood BRACKEN RIDGE, AU
12410 11 months ago Laura Fake Womelsdorf, PA , US
12409 11 months ago Alexander Cellmer London, ot , GB
12408 12 months ago al zapp santa cruz, CA , US
12407 12 months ago Jill M. Reese Tucson, AZ , US
12406 12 months ago Virgil Pauls Newton, KS , US
12405 12 months ago Christine Callihoo Vancouver, BC , CA Uphold international law and ensure Julian Assange is provided the protection he requires, at the very least. His absolute freedom is the ultimate display of leadership by a country.
12404 12 months ago George Auzans Adelaide, AU
12403 12 months ago Irene Shemaria San Pablo, CA , US Do not allow the UK to send Assange to the USA where he will be murdered. After all, he has only been telling the truth.
12402 12 months ago Anonymous Dublin, NY , IE
12401 12 months ago Susan Yerry Schuylerville, NY , US Free the press.
12400 12 months ago Anonymous New Orleans, LA , US please protect Julian from persecution. It will set a terrible precedent.
12399 12 months ago Jennifer Warters Halifax, ot , GB Millions of people are depending on you to protect Julian Assange's political asylum status against all world political leders who continue to abuse their power against their own people to propagate...
12398 12 months ago Alejandra Velasquez Aachen, CA , DE
12397 12 months ago Neil Turner Chesterfield, ot , GB Stand by International Law and give Julian Assange the protection he needs. He is a true Journalist and speaks the truth..there are very few left!
12396 12 months ago Sharon Richards ot , GB
12395 12 months ago A Bob ot , GB
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Andy Greenberg, Wired: “The U.S. Charging Julian Assange Could Put Press Freedom on Trial”