No U.S. war planes over Syria

There is no legal or moral basis for the United States to be waging war in Syria, risking conflict with Russia and nuclear apocalypse for us all.

Sign this petition to the U.S. Congress and Secretary of Defense James Mattis:

We urge you to immediately remove all U.S. military planes from Syrian skies and keep them out of that country's airspace.

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69418 9 months ago Annette Ahlander Albuquerque, NM
69417 9 months ago Taylor O'Hara-Suter Pacifica, CA
69416 10 months ago Anonymous Baltimore, MD
69415 10 months ago Scarlett Higgins Albuquerque, NM
69414 10 months ago Anonymous Portland, OR
69413 10 months ago Kenneth knoppik boca Raton, FL
69412 10 months ago Howard Giemsoe Mesa, AZ Support the troops, bring them home alive NOW.
69411 10 months ago Eugenia Larson San Ramon, CA
69410 11 months ago Frederick Friedland Santa Rosa, CA
69409 11 months ago Tran Tuyet Berkeley, CA
69408 11 months ago Angela DiNicola Lebanon, PA
69407 11 months ago colin boysel West Mansfield, OH
69406 11 months ago Veronica Rehné Gävle, CO
69405 11 months ago Suzanne Ross NEW YORK CITY, NY
69404 11 months ago tita cassone half moon bay, CA These wars need to stop,the insanity must
end,give humanity a chance,imperialism
is killing everything
69403 11 months ago Eric Joslyn Silverdale, WA Get OUT OF SYRIA. We have NO LEGAL right to be in Syria. I'm utterly sick of these idiotic wars for Israel and the Zionists. Trump promised no more foreign adventurism.
69402 11 months ago André Henrique Bacci Cambuquira, ot
69401 11 months ago Mireya Espana Chicago, IL
69400 11 months ago Anonymous Gypsum, CO
69399 11 months ago Vladislav Novikov Forest Hills, NY It is absurd, US has no right being in Syria. Take care of your own homeland issues instead of putting your nose everywhere else. Peace.
69398 11 months ago László Szabó ot I am a US citizen living abroad.
69397 11 months ago Anonymous Stop this goddamn illegal insanity and bring our troops home. All our troops. Quit serving the zionists and the world can be a better place.
69396 11 months ago Denis Cabana Ste anne de Bellevue, QC Continuing along this path is insane. Go home now and leave the world alone ,warmongers!
69395 11 months ago raymond aronson salem, CT The SAA coalition has defeated ISIS; get out of Syria, Let Israel fight its own wars.
69394 11 months ago Anonymous LAS vEGAS, NV $5.6 trillion wasted for War on Terror except for 200,000 American opium deaths
Iraq now in Iran control
Israel surrounded by battle-harden Muslim warriors & Russian and Iranian jets...
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