No U.S. war planes over Syria

There is no legal or moral basis for the United States to be waging war in Syria, risking conflict with Russia and nuclear apocalypse for us all.

Sign this petition to the U.S. Congress and Secretary of Defense James Mattis:

We urge you to immediately remove all U.S. military planes from Syrian skies and keep them out of that country's airspace.

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69392 3 months ago Margo Peterson Edmond, OK
69391 3 months ago David Hiebert Scottdale, PA In our church, we hosted a person who is familiar with this region. She counted at least a dozen groups that are trying to influence the outcome. We don't need the US warplanes in the region, also.
69390 3 months ago Anonymous Helsinki, ot
69389 3 months ago Tiana Brachel Cartersville, GA
69388 3 months ago Brian Wolf La Mesa, CA
69387 3 months ago Mara Moore Shoreline, WA
69386 3 months ago Anonymous Phoenix, AZ No more murders of civilians by my country, the USA!!!
69385 3 months ago Miranda Rumpf San Carlos, CA
69384 3 months ago Kasey Urban Brice, OH
69383 3 months ago Reuben Yancey Olympia, WA The USA is the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet. We are evil!
69382 3 months ago John Miller Newport Beach, CA
69381 4 months ago Matthew Carroll Fishkill, NY
69380 4 months ago J.B. Sacks West Hills, CA
69379 4 months ago Mara Moore Shoreline, WA
69378 4 months ago Juliet Velarde Betita Santa Barbara, CA
69377 4 months ago patricia harrington stone mountain, OK Get rich today and take the risk of transforming your own life.Try and
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69376 4 months ago Anonymous The Syrian people need peace urgently! Conflict must be de-escalated.
69375 4 months ago Asuncion Anda Aguascalientes, DC
69374 4 months ago Jose Caraballo Kew Gardens, NY
69373 4 months ago Hebard Olsen Monterey, CA We are failing in Afganistan Syra because we want results not favored by the people that live there. Change procedure to compromise so we can be successful not like iraq and vietnam which were tot...
69372 4 months ago Eileen Wunderlich Houston, TX
69371 4 months ago Alvin Dahlkoetter Tucson, AZ
69370 4 months ago JIM HEAD OAK PARK, MI
69369 4 months ago Anonymous Madison, WI
69368 4 months ago Julie Martin Frederic, WI
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