Tell Trump to Stop Threatening North Korea

Donald Trump claims he has no choice but to threaten North Korea with war.

Sign below to help educate him -- or at least the U.S. media and some of those around him.

Threatening to attack a nuclear-armed country is extremely reckless, as well as illegal, quite regardless of any flaws the country possesses.

North Korea has repeatedly offered to abandon its nuclear weapons program if the United States and South Korea would stop flying near North Korea practicing to bomb it.

North Korea has shown interest in developing a peace treaty with the South to finally end the Korean War.

North Korea adhered to an agreement to halt its nuclear weapons program right up until George W. Bush labeled it a member of an axis of evil and viciously attacked one of the other designated members, Iraq.

Peace is possible. We demand that the U.S. government stop pushing for war and work toward a peaceful solution.

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22577 12 months ago Joyce Banzhaf Grass Valley, CA , US
22576 12 months ago Andrea Smith Old Forge, NY , US Please seriously consider the Freeze-for-Freeze solution. War would be just more devastation, destruction and death and create even more animosity toward the United States.
22575 12 months ago K Smooch ot , GB
22574 12 months ago Jenny Jones Portland, OR , US
22573 12 months ago Daniel Yazbek Brighrton, MA , US
22572 12 months ago Pamela Brubaker Thousand Oaks, TX , US The lives of millions of people are at stake! Talk,not tweet.
22571 12 months ago Dorrine Marshall Irvine, CA , US
22570 12 months ago Pamela Richard Milwaukee, WI , US
22569 12 months ago Alice Slater Ny, NY , US
22568 12 months ago Gail Miller New York, NY , US
22567 12 months ago Ken Woerthwein Jacobus, PA , US
22566 12 months ago Patricia Blair Kailua, HI , US My half Korean grand sons say stop your bullying, discrimination.
22565 12 months ago Flora Rogers Marysville, CA , US
22564 12 months ago Francis Kromkowski Helena, MT , US
22563 12 months ago Sybil Stock Albany, NY , US
22562 12 months ago Ann Wright Honolulu, HI , US
22561 12 months ago Dorrine Marshall Irvine, CA , US
22560 12 months ago Bob Spies Albany, CA , US
22559 12 months ago Vivek Maddala Los Angeles, CA , US
22558 12 months ago David Swanson Charlottesville, VA , US
22557 1 year ago Paul Lee Toronto, ON , CA
22556 1 year ago Deborah Hawkins Mesa, AZ , US Stop Trump,remove him ASAP
22555 1 year ago Gar Smith Berkeley, CA , US North Korea agreed to abandon its nuclear and missile program under the Clinton Administration. George W. Bush breached this accord and targeted North Korea as part of the so-called "Axis of Evil." ...
22554 1 year ago Anes Albany This president is a danger o us all
22553 1 year ago Peter Camacho Edmonton, AB , CA
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> Bruce Cumings, The Nation, "Korean War Games"
> Dave Chaddock: "This Must Be the Place: How the U.S. Waged Germ Warfare in the Korean War and Denied It Ever Since"
> John DeLury, The Washington Post: "Instead of threatening North Korea, Trump should try this"