Thank Cian Westmoreland for Being a Whistleblower on Drones

Please sign below and add your comments to thank Cian for his dedication to blowing the whistle on U.S. killer drones.

Let's show our appreciation!

Thank you for speaking out against weaponized drones!

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1683 5 months ago Martha Thomae Without the few who are called to speak truth to the communities of the nations of our planet we would be in even worse shape. I am extremely thankful for your courage and sacrifice and try to send ...
1682 5 months ago Michael Guzman You are a true hero! Thank you for your courage and your tenacity.
1681 5 months ago Joan Palmer Ganeles Thanks for all you're doing to educate people about drone weapons!
1680 5 months ago Camille Russell Cian,
Best wishes to you. Thank you for your courage in speaking out and your commitment to exposing the US drone program.
1679 5 months ago Gerhard Bedding
1678 5 months ago Anonymous I support your cause because it's our lives you are trying to protect.
Thank you
1677 5 months ago Joseph Marchesani What you’re doing takes real courage, Cian. As a Quaker, I’m “holding you in the light,” asking that your effort be spiritually sustaining.
1676 5 months ago Jodi Sarda You are a true hero! Thank you for your bravery.
1675 5 months ago Bill Rakowski
1674 7 months ago Robert Janusko
1673 7 months ago Anonymous
1672 7 months ago Christopher Dunnbier
1671 8 months ago Anonymous Thank you for speaking your conscience in the face of great challenges. Your bravery is appreciated!
1670 8 months ago Jack Alexander Thank you for speaking out against weaponized drones!
1669 8 months ago Wendi Myers
1668 8 months ago joe reilly
1667 8 months ago Evelyn Stern Keep on fighting fascism
1666 9 months ago Jacqueline Cady Thank you!
1665 9 months ago Barbara White Thanks for your bravery in blowing the whistle on drone warfare
1664 9 months ago Elizabeth Choate This is very important to get the story out especially to potential new recruits. They need to know what they are really getting into, not the recruiter's pie-in-the-sky pitch.
1663 9 months ago Pavel Mracek
1662 9 months ago Chris OMeara Dietrich It is very difficult to stand up and speak out. I applaud your courage and integrity. Know that I stand with you in the fight to deter drone bombings.
1661 9 months ago Cynthia Ishimoto
1660 9 months ago Diana King Thank you for your clear sight and courage.
1659 9 months ago MarySu Schetter 05.25.2017 - Dear Mr. Westmoreland: I never cared for the word, "whistleblower." Instead I use the word, "do-gooder," which is exactly what you are. Many, many thanks to you for having the courag...
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