Tell the Senate to End the Filibuster

Senate Democrats are in the unique position to be able to wield progressive power for the betterment of our government systems and our communities – but we need to push them to act.

Tell the Senate:

End the filibuster.

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1554 1 week ago Mark Novotny
1553 2 weeks ago Mark Novotny
1552 3 weeks ago Linda Hagerty Thank You for voting with those who voted with the Democrats to pass the vote for a bipartisan POSS to properly investigate the January 6th seditious activity mob attack against
1551 4 weeks ago William Archer
1550 4 weeks ago Karamy Renfrow
1549 4 weeks ago Mary Webb There is no both sides! You are either for this republic or the traitors who betrayed it!

#ABC #NBC #MSNBC #CBS all make our lives worse. They all pander to republicans and
He told you often how he could do anything as president yet you believe he would have left if he actually won. No, you know he would not have. He wasn\'t cheated he cheated and we all know it.

Just like we all know that he\'d have been whisked away to safety if it had been antifa who assaulted the capital instead of the trump cult of white nationalists who attempted a coup he incited and directed to steal the election for him!

Imagine allowing fascists to convince you anti-fascism is bad after our history?

Every American should be anti-fascist (antifa) ask your forefathers who sacrificed their lives fighting exactly what the right has become!

Also how many more decades can we waste?

Hasn\'t this pandemic, this loss of more than a half million lives (that we\'re aware of) shown how fleeting our lives are? How many more lives do you have to waste before we do things right? A new study confirms it\'s closer to a million we\'ve lost. In your heart of hearts you know that is true. I\'ve said double the numbers confessed by republicans all along because liars are exactly that LIARS!

Republicans continue to insist we should not believe our own eyes and ears after four years of over 30,000 lies and an all out assault on truth itself from their confessed savior. Like Hitler, Putin and other fascists they actually think we will allow them to rewrite our history! We will not!

The founders warned us about the republican (any such) marriage between corporations and government being fascism and the founders warned us about their attempted marriage of religion and government demanding that we have a separation to prevent that specifically and the founders created the government so that it would serve the people and THEIR needs and common sense would tell you that the government would need to be large enough to serve the population at any particular time.

The problem was never big government of the people by the people. After-all the people make up the government. We are literally THE government! The problem has for decades been that republicans want a government just big enough to serve the rich and are happy for all others to be their servants ruled over by a republican minority government!

On top of that this: Nobody and I mean nobody seems to talk about the fact that it was Trump\'s conscious choice to let Americans die - he and Kushner decided that since it was at that time more elderly, more minorities, more in the Democratic states that he would let these people die and he would then blame the governor\'s - he then did everything he could thereafter to sabotage the governor\'s attempts to respond - you\'ve got to wonder why nobody ever talks about this because it was deliberate genocide of American people and yet nobody talks about it!

Imagine that doing the right thing, the majority\'s will is rubbing dirt in their faces per republicans themselves when that\'s literally their job to do as much as it is Biden\'s and democrats and it always has been. They\'ve refused and done the exact opposite (the minority\'s will) for decades!

A SABATEUR! We have traitors in our midst!

#JoeManchin argues pro-democracy reform would spark another insurrection - what if it did does that mean we shouldn\'t be doing what\'s right for our people and democracy? Where do we draw the line? Seems nothing and anything can spark violence and treason from the far right so do we simply cease everything, cease existing to try to please and console terrorists, traitors and insurrectionists hoping they won\'t commit treason again?

How about instead we be prepared and immediately arrest, indict and imprison them instead? Is that too damned much to ask from those who\'ve spent trillions allegedly fighting terrorists elsewhere?

How is it you\'re not getting that #JoeManchin? In what world does bending over backwards giving into terrorists prevent terrorism? If you wanted to prevent another insurrection you\'d be doing all you could to get Biden\'s agenda done. Helping Americans is the best way to prove how wrong trump and his cult are. You\'re helping them instead. You are a liar and a coward. Clearly you belong in the extortionist treasonous party since you have more respect for their treasonous insurrection, their mandate to destroy democracy than you do ours to save it. You have more concern for traitors than the winners who did not cheat or commit treason. You are disgusting!

Call this self serving sabateur everyday! He is ignorant beyond comprehension. He needs to craw back under the rock he crawled out from under when Biden won! #JoeManchin What you are actually doing is exactly what you say you\'re not going to be a part of! You are an outright liar!

The filibuster is not and never was in the constitution! It is literally the tool republicans have used to blow up this great republic for decades!

You are ignorant to the tenth degree! You\'re not defending the republic you\'re defending the unconstitutional filibuster!

Craw back into the hole you existed in before Biden was elected you openly obvious sabateur! You too #kyrstensinema! Where were you these last four years as our republic was assaulted and attacked from within constantly?

#JoeManchin #kyrstensinema are you paying attention? Have you been? Do you believe in minority rule rather than democracy? Are you wasting mandate legitimately or are you just another republican who claims to love the constitution as you pervert it?

We are a nation of immigrants built by immigrants. We are the great-grandchildren, the grandchildren and the children of immigrants unless we are are the indigenous peoples. We are the people who fought Wars against the people who talked and acted like Republicans do. We won those wars! We beat fascism back.

More than eighty one million of us did that again in November.

Do not let seditious and fascist republicans rewrite the history of their treason.

Demand action. Where are the expulsions #NancyPelosi? Where are the indictments against Trump, Cruz, Hawley, Mccarthy, Kennedy, Graham, Giovanni and others #MerrickGarland ?

Real Americans don\'t negotiate with traitors or terrorists. The Russian party is packed full of both. They forfeited that right when they chose traitor trump and his collusion and insurrection.

Besides they had years - a budget and two stimulus packages and they were all mostly gifts to the rich instead of infrastructure or anything else we needed.

They fed the rich trillions through the Federal Reserve and they shelled out hundreds of billions to the farmers - they certainly weren\'t worried about money or a debt or anything except for maintaining their stolen minority rule power and taking care of the rich under Trump which coincidentally is exactly the kind of thing they\'ve done for the last 45-50 years - so no they don\'t deserve a place at the table I don\'t care what they think they deserve because according to them they deserve it all, the power to RULE and literally everything and the winners they\'ve yet to acknowledge deserve absolutely nothing but crumbs.

Had you researched their goals you\'d know that\'s it, that\'s their goal - that they rule and we get crumbs and it has been all along.

#JoeManchin wants to appease those who violently attacked our capital. He thinks we need to compromise with people who commit sedition, treason and insurrection; who murder people in our capital; who continue to lie about their part in inciting that. Clearly he couldn\'t have been paying attention for the last 45 years because compromise is literally all that Democrats have done yet at every turn and in every instance Republicans have refused to compromise!

Yet rather than appease the majority of the people, the rightful and true owners of our government and therefore his employers (as well as his constituents) he thinks we should instead appease republicans who\'ve shown us with their insurrection that they\'re willing to destroy this country and not in the least that they\'re going to compromise in the slightest?

Besides, compromise on what - Trump\'s big lie that they still actively push and believe? On their refusal to vote for the rescue plan? On their nearly 400 new laws attacking our right to vote? On their belief that trump is still the legitimate president? On their thousands of lies? On the truth of what we witnessed when they attacked our capital? On loyalty to country? Where\'s the room for compromise exactly? They\'ve found none!

How much more should we compromise after 45 years of nothing but compromise that brought us right here! There\'s a reason Americans don\'t negotiate with terrorists and traitors and they are literally both! It\'s past time we stopped insisting on a faux bipartisanship. That\'s not what it is when only one side compromises and the other obstructs, extorts, threatens and assaults!

In fact, their alleged first attempt was prefaced by a red line that they would not raise taxes on corporations or those earning $400,000.00 up thereby proving the accuracy of my contentions. Appeasement is what they seek not compromise!
#JoeManchin is a disgrace who betrays America as much as the traitors he appeases! Coward!

The constitution meant the senate to be a majority vote body - not a body that takes 60 votes to win! The introduction of the Jim Crowe filibuster was unconstitutional. The filibuster itself is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

#westvirginia #westvirginiauniversity. You need to do something about your republican sabateur! If he can\'t be part of the solution he is the problem. Seems to me #JoeManchin thinks we elected him instead of Biden. Plus he\'s trying to make himself a name at our expense. He belongs in the Russian traitor party! Frightening that he thinks traitors\' opinions outweigh his constituents. Are you mice or men? Stand up to your traitor!

The people of this country are crying out for justice! We cannot heal without it! The betrayal of our country demands no less than full accountability and justice!

People look around you at capitalism that\'s literally necessitated socialist bailouts repeatedly and still millions have suffered. Stop being so damned dumb that you listen to literal traitors that fight for minority rule where only the rich do well as they too literally are gifted with socialism daily in too many ways to count! It is infuriating! They are willing to destroy democracy.

They betrayed this country. Recognize sedition, insurrection, the violent coup attempt and treason you witnessed. Trump thought he\'d succeed. They\'re still actively trying!

Russian party rather than republican party is far more accurate and all evidence supports that conclusion. They\'ve literally pushed Russian propaganda as they served Putin\'s interests over our own! Do they succeed in their quest to install a tyrant as they fight to maintain cheated/stolen power and minority rule before you speak out?

Biden won by seven million votes DESPITE Russian collusion and interference and Trump\'s assault on mail in votes, sabotage by the USPS, new million dollar mail sorters dismantled and destroyed, postal boxes removed; plus numerous republican laws that resulted in voting precincts closed, ballet drop boxes removed, voter purges, voter suppression followed by their audits, recounts, and dozens of legal challenges!

Still they persist.They still push Trump\'s big lie made possible by his pre-planned exploitation of the expected red mirage that itself was made probable by his own constant lies and assault on mail in votes. Still in Arizona and other states they\'re doing their own audits that they think they\'ll use those to somehow remove Biden.

Corporate media makes it impossible for you to hear the truth! When Republicans win they give Republicans a voice. They are all you see on TV! When Democrats win again they give Republicans a voice and that\'s all that you see on TV! How do you ever expect to get the truth unless you research yourself?

Again Biden and Harris received a record number of votes (81million) and won by a record number (7 million). 81 is more than 74 and that\'s all there is to it! Biden won!

Yet those who committed open treason still persist in their attempt to subvert those 81 million votes, to silence more than 81 million American voices literally (some who risked their lives and stood in line hours even if most voted by mail). I know I voted in person myself.

These are our votes, our voices ! It\'s our majority - it is our right to choose that they are trying to steal. It\'s those of us who did NOT betray our country, those of us who stood up to their fascist corrupt minority! We, the MAJORITY, it\'s we who they still seek to silence, to harm to this very day.

Trump outright admitted he was trying to overturn the election in his recent Fox interview as well as on other occasions - if you\'d only learn to listen to him you\'d hear it. He lamented that the Supreme court and courts were unwilling (didn\'t have the courage) to overturn the election. He often confesses and/or tells you of his cynical plans.

He believed he\'d overturn our election through the courts and when that didn\'t work he tried to install himself through insurrection and an actual coup! He had every intention of stealing this election regardless what it took even if it resulted in the deaths of our chamber - if you don\'t realize that he believed he\'d install himself as our dictator it\'s because you choose not to! He thought he\'d succeed.

Overturning 81 million votes, subverting the will of the majority would have been the real cancel culture and Trump\'s 65 or so lawsuits challenging state\'s elections was the outrageous attack on state\'s rights not the stimulus or infrastructure bills as the traitor party would have you believe!

These traitors serve the rich and Russia (both knowingly and unknowingly) demanding rule over you. They hate democracy and the mere idea of serving the people! They have repeatedly shredded the constitution as we are forced to fight to defend and uphold it!

The filibuster is an unconstitutional tool for minority rule! Republicans are well aware that they both gerrymander and use voter suppression to cheat their seats while they use the filibuster to maintain their cheated power!

The filibuster is not in the Constitution therefore it should not be used to obstruct or extort anything! Fox News claims that if the filibuster is abolished Democrats will rule over the country forever! Clearly they know that it is an unconstitutional tool used for their minority rule or why would they even word it that way?

Democrats understand that they serve the people! Republicans don\'t seem to get that - they seem to think that they rule over the people and they could care less about the voters or their vote - as a matter of fact they\'ve been more than willing to let a half million die to maintain their stolen power! Again, otherwise why would they often use the word "rule" when "serve" is appropriate and exactly what every elected official has sworn to do?

Trump and his people pushed for herd immunity through millions of deaths not with vaccination. Trump let it wave over the country deliberately. He and they spoke of it often once mistakenly calling it herd mentality. Don\'t let them rewrite history like Putin does.

Trump didn\'t even try to do anything about a vaccine until it came out that he knew that the virus was deadly in February 2020 - prior to that he made a conscious choice to let Americans die - both he and Kushner decided they could blame democrat governors who they subsequently sabotaged - thinking it would help his re-election because they believed that more minorities and Democrats were dying and that was fine with them and they did that under the guise of allegedly achieving herd mentality by letting the virus run over the country! They did their part to see to it by holding constant super spreader events, arguing against science, masks and actively sabotaging other common sense attempts to respond appropriately. If he were a leader in another country we\'d call it what it was genocide by a domicidal maniac and history will record it as just that - accurately!

Further, Trump has taken credit for everything that Obama did from the economy to the veterans bill that was passed in 2014! His only credit due is for a half a million deaths in deliberate homicide/genocide. Another thing he warned Israel in November 2019. He had that long to provide a vaccine. He secretly got his own but there was never a plan to rapidly get out to millions. The distribution was a fiasco before Biden took over.

Also I\'m personally tired of this constant demand that we owe Trump or any politician credit for any damn thing - it\'s their job - they need to just do it and keep their damned mouths shut like the rest of us have to when we do our jobs! They deserve no more praise for doing their job than any other!

Republicans have won the popular vote once in 33 years. That\'s not an exaggeration. They depend on electoral votes, gerrymandering and voter suppression to cheat their wins and they maintain a minority rule with an unconstitutional filibuster.

The filibuster is not in the constitution! A democratic republic requires a majority rule - i.e..a majority beats a minority pure and simple - they set the mandate period - the people own the government - they are represented - not ruled by the people that they elect and therefore the people are the one and only rulers, the true owners of government and country just as the Constitution designed!

Further the Constitution designed the Senate to be a majority rule body- the Jim Crowe era unconstitutional filibuster (a tool to maintain a minority rule) must be abolished immediately! How many decades will we go with people suffering before we\'ve had enough?

United we stand, divided we fall! We used to know that - we used to insist on it - now we have a party that wants to make us crawl as they themselves crawl directly to Trump on their knees!

It was a conscience choice to let Americans die. It\'s hard to believe nobody points that out! Trump and Kushner made a conscience choice believing they could blame governors who they also sabotaged thereafter. It was a political choice. Remember that when republicans tell you our quest for justice is only political!

Democrats may not want you dead but that doesn\'t mean they don\'t need some repairs. We need to help push them to change where they fail through a louder majority making their will known by being more politically active. A loud mouth minority has ruled too long to all of our detriment. Centrists aren\'t going to fix that. People like Bernie and AOC are working hard to. Be louder ????!

We fought hard to win a mandate. Properly! Without insurrection! #JoeBiden

Civil servants are elected literally to serve the people. That\'s it! That\'s the sole purpose of the job! That\'s why the job was created!

As human beings became more civilized they realized that when they united together they could get more done, therefore they eventually created governments to serve their needs. Civil servants are not our rulers.

Let me repeat republicans have won the popular vote only once in 33 years. They are totally dependent on the electoral votes, gerrymandering, voter suppression, lies, propaganda, fear-mongering and the unconstitutional filibuster to maintain their minority rule! They have for fifty years served themselves and their corporate interests only - believing they rule over the people who they were elected to serve! This should matter. Genocide should matter. An attempted coup should matter. Treason should matter to every single one of us!

Also, most democrats believed we were cheated when the supreme court stopped the "chad" count for bush. We knew we were cheated by Hillary in collusion with the DNC who lied about Bernie and pushed trump as weak and by trump who colluded with Russia stealing and sharing our personal info with Cambridge analytical yet we never once thought of treason or attacking our own government to kill representatives to install anyone. Republicans literally get by with their crimes by always pretending democrats are doing what they do and somehow that makes republican crimes not crimes. It is utter ignorance that we allow it!

Make your demands of Biden and every civil servant until we get this right. Trump and accomplices committed genocide before insurrection. All of it unforgivable, all of it begging to be held to account to help heal this nation and it\'s people long abused by those mandated to serve! Pick a side. Text RESIST to 50409! Demand an end to the unconstitutional filibuster or republicans will do nothing but obstruct and blame everyone else that nothing positive is getting done exactly as they have for decades! We fought hard without committing treason. Make sure it counts!

Demand better! We were told republicans refused to keep their oath and do their constitutionality mandated duty to convict and remove Trump TWICE due to fear of Trump\'s cult. Fear is a constant motivating factor in the republican realm. Contact each of your representatives regardless of party. See to it that they understand they need to fear the majority far more than their small minority (74 of 330 million)! We may not threaten their lives as their own party does but we can certainly threaten their livelihoods.

They seem to think that all of their power and wealth is worth more than all of our lives.

We must see to it that they understand that they\'ve only held onto that power at our discretion and due to their cheating which we intend to overcome as 81 million stepped up to do already and that genocide and treason were both lines never meant to cross! Pick a side!

Don\'t forget demand more from those we gave the power - democrats. It is literally do it or die believe or not. In fact I personally think a half million dead demands better from each of us who have survived these republican assaults! Speak out. Do better. Demand better!

Demand that #JoeManchin worry about what his constituents want rather than what the Republican traitors want - demand that he stop arguing for the Jim Crow unconstitutional filibuster when his constituents want action including abolishing the filibuster and they do not want him worrying instead about what the Russian traitors want!

The people are bipartisan! The republican traitors were never anything but obstructionists and extortionists. The same goes for #kyrstensinema make similar demands to her!! Our democracy is on the line!

I will never forgive republican\'s treason and I do not understand how any true American could!

They tried to overthrow our country for a dictator responsible for a half million American deaths! Refuse to recognize or not that is the truth!

It was always their duty to hold him to account in his duty to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and to faithfully execute the laws passed by congress. It was always their duty to convict and remove him each time he was impeached.

They unleashed and emboldened him to commit genocide and more treason instead! He and they betrayed this country repeatedly!

How can you forget or forgive that? How do you allow them to rewrite that?

You can\'t because they OWN ALL OF THAT EXPLICITLY!'); return false;">...
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1542 1 month ago Yvonne Barnard It's time to end this unjust institution.
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1540 2 months ago Anonymous Even after loosing the last election, Congressional Republicans are still spending more time objecting to recent legislation than finding ways to compromise. Filibusters are no longer being used to...
1539 2 months ago Anonymous The filibuster is anti-democratic
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1533 2 months ago Kirsten M We need change and create a better future for generations to come. We have to set the example or there will be no hope for humanity.
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