Guarantee Healthcare as Human Right During COVID-19 Pandemic

We must mobilize our communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of our generations' tests. Congress must step up now and pass massive investments to stop this disease.

We must demand our leaders take bold actions we need to protect our families during this crisis. Add your name to send this message:

To Congress:
We need every single person provided healthcare as a right during this ordeal.

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1491 4 months ago Donald & It's inconsistent and incomprehensible that the richest, supposedly most advanced country in the world cannot provide basic healthcare for its citizens. It has a moral obligation to do so.
1490 7 months ago #B27321 In Support
of you
you Can
Support me
1489 8 months ago Edison
1488 8 months ago Fawn McConnell
1487 8 months ago Keane Southard
1486 9 months ago G. Bommelaere
1485 9 months ago Arthur Adams
1484 9 months ago Lisha If there were any time that people need healthcare available to them ALL ~ that time would be RIGHT NOW! it needs to be considered a basic human right
1483 9 months ago Stephen
1482 9 months ago Anonymous Health care should not be a for profit endeavor.
1481 9 months ago Richard It has become clear that healhcare is essential for all in this pandemic
1480 9 months ago Mike
1479 9 months ago Anonymous Healthcare should not be a for-profit industry.
1478 9 months ago Ron Domin
1477 9 months ago Ron Domin
1476 9 months ago Joanna Testa
1475 9 months ago Jen Shamro
1474 9 months ago Michele Sayre
1473 9 months ago Mary Cuellar It's time to face reality.
1472 9 months ago Anonymous Universal health care makes us all safer, not just those who now have none.
1471 9 months ago Elizabeth
1470 10 months ago Colleen
1469 10 months ago Kirsten Stone
1468 10 months ago Gail Life is a gift, providing health insurance to help support wellness and quality of life should without question be a right for all.
1467 10 months ago Travis Guaranteed and affordable healthcare isn't merely a privilege, it needs to be considered a basic human right. Where there's a will there's a way. For a real good model of healthcare for all, one may...
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