Free Chelsea Manning One Last Time

Before she entered the courthouse where she would refuse yet again to testify about WikiLeaks to a grand jury, Cheslea Manning spoke about her reasons. Watch the video:

Click below to sign this petition to the U.S. Attorney’s Office (USAO) for the Eastern District of Virginia.

We urge you to rescind the subpoena against Chelsea Manning. She testified at length during her court martial and at least one target of the grand jury has been indicted. There is no need for her testimony. Given that Manning served an unprecedented prison sentence for disclosing information to the media -- at times under conditions criticized by international human rights experts -- further pursuit of her is excessive and cruel. Manning has made it clear she won't cooperate with secret proceedings. Since further confinement will serve no coercive purpose it has exceeded its lawful scope. Please do the right thing. Drop the subpoena against Manning.

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