Thank Cian Westmoreland for Being a Whistleblower on Drones

Please sign below and add your comments to thank Cian for his dedication to blowing the whistle on U.S. killer drones.

Let's show our appreciation!

Thank you for speaking out against weaponized drones!

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1723 7 days ago David Kraskow There's a crowd behind you! We are shouting thanks. We appreciate your love for humanity and for us personally. Hope you'll tour sometime and we'll see you in Ithaca. (Gift today inspired by hea...
1722 7 days ago Jeffrey Pekrul I admire your bravery and morals. You are inspiring.
1721 7 days ago Steve Miller As a Vietnam era veteran, I am quite aware of the misguided use of military programs that harm many innocent people and as a result, the security of our people as well.
1720 7 days ago Aimee Lee Cheek Your courage awakens our admiration and gratitude.
Thank you.
1719 1 week ago Jen McGill Thank you.
1718 1 week ago Samantha Lioi Grateful for your voice! May you find a deeper healing of your own wounds as you seek to prevent further harm. Peace to you.
1717 1 week ago Lee Kaplan From NYC, sending best wishes & deep appreciation for your brave work.
1716 2 weeks ago Paul Garrett Thank you for all that you are doing and for demonstrating such great courage!
1715 2 weeks ago Bob Mandel The Vietnam War was defeated in significant part by active duty GIs speaking out against it, publishing anti-war newspapers in Nam and Germany and stateside, and by whole units actively refusing toBob Mandel'); return false;">...
1714 3 weeks ago Estelle GLarborg
1713 3 weeks ago C Thomas Payne Tell it.
1712 3 weeks ago Ken Loehlein
1711 3 weeks ago Bruce D Burleigh God Bless You foe your Courage.
1710 1 month ago Ali Pashai Thank you
1709 2 months ago Anonymous Thank you.
1708 2 months ago Gail Bakewell Very appreciative of your courage and dedication... thank you for being a "light bearer!"
1707 2 months ago Anonymous Thank you for your strength and courage!
1706 2 months ago M Laura Gulovsen Had been only vaguely aware of the misuse of drowns and the things that can happen when they are misused. Don't like the secret part. Thanks for alerting us to the dangers. Take care of yourself!
1705 2 months ago Randall Wayne Really appreciate your brave work.
1704 2 months ago Ellen Oxfeld
1703 2 months ago Richard Montgomery thank you for the courage to speak out on this.
1702 2 months ago Amrita Burdick Thank you for continuing to speak out. I keep you in prayers as one of my relations.
1701 2 months ago Nadine Rombakis I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the work you are doing. You, and others like you are the frontline warriors that will eventually free the world from tyranny. Thank you for coming to...
1700 2 months ago Richard Smith
1699 2 months ago Honey Friedman
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