If you’ve ever opposed U.S. militarism or wars, please sign this petition in solidarity with antiwar activists in Russia.

Russian news antiwar signThe horrific invasion of Ukraine has sparked brave antiwar activism from Russian citizens -- including artists, academics, journalists and human rights defenders -- who’ve spoken out at great risk to themselves. Russia’s government has responded with harsh repression and jailings -- while slandering antiwar protesters as "hooligans" and “traitors.”

Please sign this petition to the Russian government protesting the persecution of antiwar advocates and activists. (And feel free to add your own comments to the petition.)

We'll deliver the petition to Russia's embassy in Washington And we’ll use every channel we can to make the Russian public aware of our solidarity message with those inside Russia who are opposing their country’s war in Ukraine.

To the Government of the Russian Federation:

       We write to strongly protest the jailing and prosecution of brave Russian citizens who oppose their government’s invasion and war in Ukraine. These Russian citizens are nonviolently speaking out – something that is legal in any society with a legitimate claim to be democratic.

       We who are signing this petition have opposed our own government here in the United States when it has engaged in military aggression.  

       We call on you to empty your jails of those who have spoken out or demonstrated against your military actions in Ukraine, drop all charges against these nonviolent protesters, cease the detentions, and allow the kind of open debate that free societies permit.

>> Amnesty International: Russia: Authorities launch witch-hunt to catch anyone sharing anti-war views
>> Guardian: ‘Our voices are louder if we stay’: Russian anti-war activists refuse to flee

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1900 5 days ago Todd Hack , US
1899 6 days ago Catherine Kittle , US
1898 6 days ago Catherine Kittle , US
1897 4 weeks ago Michelle Stein , US
1896 1 month ago Bruce Wood , US
1895 1 month ago Bert Newsom , US
1894 1 month ago Mark Novotny , US
1893 1 month ago ALEXIS LANGELOTTI , US
1892 1 month ago Anonymous , US
1891 1 month ago Lauren Murdock , US
1890 2 months ago Barry Greenhill , US
1889 2 months ago Albert Gauna , US
1888 2 months ago Anonymous , US
1887 2 months ago Garry Harman , US News blackout? Really? Don't you think that looks a little suspect?
1886 2 months ago Paul Grohman , US
1885 2 months ago Joshua R. Burson , US
1884 2 months ago Lin Trolan , US
1883 2 months ago Radia Hennessey , US
1882 2 months ago Michael A. Johnston , US
1881 2 months ago Belinda Poropudas , US
1880 2 months ago Debra Cameron , US
1879 2 months ago alice nguyen , US
1878 2 months ago Joyce Rohr , US
1877 2 months ago Anonymous , US
1876 2 months ago William Snavely , US
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