Tell the Senate to Eliminate the Filibuster

Numerous critical pieces of legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives are going NOWHERE until the Senate repeals the Jim Crow filibuster — and stops allowing Mitch McConnell to have the power to block any and every piece of the people’s agenda.

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Eliminate the Filibuster.

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Number Date Name What would you like to add?
928 17 hours ago Carolyn Villanova
927 22 hours ago Peter Giono
926 23 hours ago Frank Briggs
925 2 weeks ago Ryan McGrath
924 4 weeks ago Debra Cameron
923 1 month ago Hazel McCoy
922 1 month ago Sherrill Futrell WHY SO WEAK? WE ELECTED YOU TO ACT!
921 1 month ago Anonymous
920 1 month ago Martha Kenney
919 1 month ago Merry Hauser The filibuster was born our of fear and hate and it's destroying our country. Kill the Filibuster!
918 1 month ago Mark Novotny
917 1 month ago carolyn park
916 1 month ago Michael Orgel
915 1 month ago Nina Allen
914 1 month ago Rebecca Dailey
913 3 months ago Charles Trebes
912 4 months ago Tom Wright Kill the filibuster.
911 4 months ago Nancy Griffin
910 4 months ago Florencia Milito
909 5 months ago Donna Murphy its unbelievable that democrats cannot get their stuff together and put an end to the filibuster, and all because of two members of congress. the member from Arizona has an iffy history with the la...
908 5 months ago Vickie Fouts
907 5 months ago Henry Obert We the people believe you were elected to serve us and to protect the constitution.

The filibuster is a senate rule and it suppresses the average people to prop up the rest.
906 5 months ago j. Alessi
905 5 months ago Bryer Marnin
904 5 months ago hCharles Obert It is time and past time to end Jim Crow and the gerrymandering to make sure that the federal government is one that is for, by and of the people and getting rid of this filibuster is a necessary ne...
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