Petition to President Biden: Take Executive Action on Student Debt!

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To President Joe Biden:

We need you to move the United States forward through actions like cancelling student debt -- and not to settle for a return to the unequal 2016 status quo. An order to cancel student debt would not only be morally just, but also would serve as a crucial economic stimulus. We agree with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer: take executive action on student debt!

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6786 4 days ago Mary Anna Thompson Denver, CO , US Corporations time and again are bailed out. Why not the struggling working poor?
6785 1 week ago Bert Newsom Crest Hill, IL , US
6784 3 weeks ago Oleh Sydor Glen Ellyn, IL , US
6783 3 weeks ago Oleh Sydor Glen Ellyn, IL , US ALL Student debt must be cancelled. This will instantly cause tremendous economic relief for millions of Americans, counteract inflation and boost the economy, and give the Democratic Party a huge w...
6782 4 weeks ago Jennifer Hisrich Bellevue, WA , US
6781 1 month ago Lindsay Pugh Richmond, VA , US
6780 1 month ago Luke McPhail Seneca, SC , US
6779 1 month ago Barry Greenhill Reston, VA , US
6778 1 month ago Connor Underwood COLORADO SPRINGS, CO , US
6777 1 month ago Ira Gerard-DiBenedetto South Elgin, IL , US
6776 1 month ago McLean Smith ANNAPOLIS, MD , US
6775 1 month ago Glen Anderson Lacey, WA , US Postponing debt payments is NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You would become a HERO if you CANCEL the debts.
6774 1 month ago Anonymous New York, NY , US
6773 1 month ago Antonino Erba Dubuque, IA , US
6772 1 month ago Martha Lujan San Diego, CA , US
6771 1 month ago Kathleen Wheeler Deer Park , WA , US
6770 1 month ago Brad Bailey Fayetteville, AR , US
6769 1 month ago Brad Bailey Fayetteville, AR , US
6768 1 month ago Eva Suhr Palo Alto, CA , US
6767 1 month ago sharon belson Brookhaven, PA , US
6766 1 month ago Karen Bonime Albuquerque, NM , US Young people are suffering under crushing student debt. Much of this debt can be attributed to the role of banks, which often have unfair representation on the governing bodies of colleges and unive...
6765 1 month ago M.D. Block La Jolla,, CA , US
6764 1 month ago Lauren Murdock Santa Barbara, CA , US
6763 1 month ago Anonymous Oakland, CA , US I’d like you to fulfill your campaign promise as many around the country do. Please don’t disappoint and alienate many of us who placed our trust in you to take care of this.
Act now!
6762 1 month ago Christopher Lish San Rafael, CA , US
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