In its January 14th presidential primary debate, CNN displayed blatant bias so extreme that even viewers who knew little about the issues couldn't miss it, and focused on expressing hostility toward a single candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Please sign this petition to be delivered to CNN.


We urge you to restore credibility by apologizing for your moderation of the debate on January 14th -- and we urge you to move away from your biased coverage of the candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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Number Date Name Location What would you like to tell ...
6074 3 months ago jacob anastaiso louisville, KY i hope you sleep at night , agenda pushing no integrity having dorks
6073 6 months ago nancy cunha rumford, RI
6072 9 months ago Madeline Bogen Manhattan, KS
6071 10 months ago David Smith Golden, CO
6070 10 months ago Kimberly Lowe Gahanna, OH
6069 10 months ago Darren Mitton Danielsville, GA
6068 11 months ago Marilyn Sigda Regina, SK I would like to tell CNN that their trash talk ruins no one's reputation and image but their own. Their negativity is destroying our society. They need to stop. People do not and will not tolerat...
6067 11 months ago Anonymous Chicago, IL
6066 11 months ago Jeff Scheel ORANGEVALE, CA Can't believe you are not covering any of Bernie Sanders response to the CoronaVirus -
6065 12 months ago Anonymous Kalamazoo, MI The debate "moderators" were very biased when questioning Senator Sanders. What was notable is that "moderators" allowed Sanders only 45 to 55 seconds to respond to questions, and frequently allowed...
6064 12 months ago Anonymous Portland , OR
6063 12 months ago Jessica VanHook Lakewood, CO
6062 12 months ago Robert Jereski new york, NY appalling.
6061 12 months ago Alexistori Gonzalez Boutte, LA
6060 12 months ago Anonymous Gaithersburg,, MD President Keshav Lincoln wants you to Drop Out Berine Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Mike Bloomberg will be DROP OUT OF THE DEBATE STAGE. Please put me in The Washington Post, Thank You
6059 1 year ago Anonymous glenns ferry, idaho, ID I was stunned by the blatant bias in this debate.
6058 1 year ago Karen Stevens Thousand Oaks, CA Coverage of Sen Sanders within their network has been disgraceful. Please no more questions of how his going to pay for something! Read his website ot research the many studies that show Medicare fo...
6057 1 year ago Maryl Myers Wilmington, DE
6056 1 year ago Eric Ranvig Acton, MA
6055 1 year ago Lynnmeta Williams Wakefield, VA I am disappointed in you; you have proven yourself to be untrustworthy and blatantly biassed.
6054 1 year ago Reed Petersen Portland, OR CNN, you are disgusting, and I am tired of your extreme bias towards anyone left of milquetoast “centrism” (by international standards, Biden/Buttigieg/Klobuchar are Center-right to right-wing&#...
6052 1 year ago Sonia Noemi Cross Paradise, CA You are Propaganda and there is nothing journalistic about CNN.
6051 1 year ago Lea C Albuquerque , NM
6050 1 year ago David Mandel Sacramento, CA
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