In its January 14th presidential primary debate, CNN displayed blatant bias so extreme that even viewers who knew little about the issues couldn't miss it, and focused on expressing hostility toward a single candidate, Bernie Sanders.

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We urge you to restore credibility by apologizing for your moderation of the debate on January 14th -- and we urge you to move away from your biased coverage of the candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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6056 7 hours ago Eric Ranvig Acton, MA
6055 2 days ago LynnMeta Williams Wakefield, VA I am disappointed in you; you have proven yourself to be untrustworthy and blatantly biassed.
6054 2 days ago Reed Petersen Portland, OR CNN, you are disgusting, and I am tired of your extreme bias towards anyone left of milquetoast “centrism” (by international standards, Biden/Buttigieg/Klobuchar are Center-right to right-wing&#...
6053 3 days ago Ronald C Faas SANTA MARIA, CA
6052 4 days ago Sonia Noemi Cross Paradise, CA You are Propaganda and there is nothing journalistic about CNN.
6051 4 days ago Lea C Albuquerque , NM
6050 5 days ago David Mandel Sacramento, CA
6049 6 days ago Anonymous Sugar Land, TX CNN has, for some time, been perceived as a biased media outlet by most progressives.
You can start to change that perception by apologizing for the way this debate was moderated. The bias was s...
6048 6 days ago Anonymous S H, FL
6047 1 week ago Brickson Schwenn Minneapolis, MN To CNN:

We urge you to restore credibility by apologizing for your moderation of the debate on January 14th -- and we urge you to move away from your biased coverage of the candidacy of Sen...
6046 1 week ago Terry Tittle Murphy, NC Corp propaganda!
6045 1 week ago Donna Pope Tampa, FL
6044 1 week ago Ben Ballot Darien, CT Democratic establishment funded puppets. Even FOX NEWS is capitalizing on your bias against Bernie Sanders. Want world class TV news? Watch BBC. It's on 24 hours a day on some cable and satellit...
6043 1 week ago Amber Colvin Humble, TX
6042 1 week ago Lea C Albuquerque , NM Perhaps you should go work for Fox News, so-called.

You guys feel your stock portfolios and your white male privilege shrinking by the minute with people like Sanders around, don’t you?
6041 1 week ago Anonymous Ellicott City, MD Become a real news station instead of a tool for corporate america and infotainment sludge....every day "shocking" alligator stories and puppies that are really lions or rats. 3rd rate gossip show. ...
6040 1 week ago Lyra Engel Freeport, ME How can you take this approach when Bernie is a top contender in the primaries? You need to be fair and not try to bias viewers with your openly negative treatment of Senator Sanders.
6039 1 week ago Andrea Badger Lyndeborough, NH Learn how to moderate as fair journalists please.
6038 1 week ago David Newell brighton, MA Be more focused on what is good for the country and not what makes good politics and news. We have had enough of this already.
6037 1 week ago angela wilson Troutvillle, VA
6036 1 week ago Michael Crowden Harrisonville, MO I can add nothing that hasn't already been said in comments below, but it does make someone like me, LESS likely, not MORE likely, to watch future debates which would NOT seem to be in the interest ...
6035 1 week ago Neville Bruce Anchorage, AK Foxnews has already cornered the market in manure: try and offer something fresh.
6034 1 week ago Kathy Dasilva Long Beach, CA Shameful!!!!!!
6033 2 weeks ago Justin Mays Bellevue, NE
6032 2 weeks ago peter leeftink zwolle, ot
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