Tell the New York Times and Washington Post: 'Quit Being a Megaphone for the Corporate Elite'

In their coverage of the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, the New York Times and Washington Post are largely serving as mouthpieces for corporate and establishment interests.

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To the editors of the New York Times and the Washington Post:

Quit being a megaphone for the corporate elite. As the media watch group FAIR has documented, your newspaper continues to skew coverage of the Democratic presidential race in ways that run counter to fairness and accuracy. While there are two contesting wings in the Democratic Party -- the progressive and corporate wings -- the
Times and the Post routinely give voice to the claims of just one side. Articles are often, in effect, editorials (in support of corporate Democrats) masquerading as news stories.

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7849 3 weeks ago Parisa Chamlou Springfield, VA
7848 4 weeks ago Helen Douglas Washington, DC
7847 2 months ago Alta Toler Lynden, WA So much of what is printed has become suspect as to its truthfulness. Be fair, be honest, be unbiased.
7846 3 months ago Caephren McKenna Oakland, CA
7845 4 months ago Madeline Bogen Manhattan, KS
7844 5 months ago amanda rewinkel merritt , FL
7843 5 months ago David Smith Golden, CO
7842 5 months ago David Smith Golden, CO
7841 6 months ago Darren Mitton Danielsville, GA
7840 6 months ago Anonymous La Fox, IL
7839 6 months ago Luisa Peralta Ridgewood, NY
7838 7 months ago Laura Chinofsky Southampton, PA
7837 8 months ago Elena Seitz Tewksbury, MA WeThePeople must not always cave in to the self-serving, manipulative fear-mongering. and pressure of corporatists to choose the “lesser of two evils,” “the devil we know,” “the ‘safe’ candidate”—yo...
7836 9 months ago Alexistori Gonzalez Boutte, LA
7835 9 months ago Alexistori Gonzalez Boutte, LA
7834 9 months ago Vincent Shenko Brielle, NJ
7833 9 months ago Anonymous Pinne Bush, NY
7832 9 months ago Whitney Hope Elwood, IN
7831 9 months ago Alexistori Gonzalez Boutte, LA
7830 9 months ago Anonymous San Rafael, CA
7829 9 months ago Reed Petersen Portland, OR The media has been a sell-out to the Milquetoast, Macronite-Liberal worldview for far too long.
7828 9 months ago Misha Antonich San Francisco, CA As a longtime reader of the NYTimes I’ve very much noticed the marginalization of political effective voices, such as Bernie Sanders. In order to stay a subscriber, I ask you to stop this biased app...
7827 9 months ago Jan Grant Bothell, WA
7826 9 months ago Patrick Russell Portland, OR
7825 9 months ago B Moore Nevada City, CA NYTimes & WP have continually, even increasingly, backed big money while giving a few headlines to realistic progressive policy ideas. All news outlets seem so intertwined with their corporate adver...
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