Free Julian Assange. Do not extradite him.

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To the Government of the United Kingdom:

We the undersigned respectfully call on the appropriate authorities of the United Kingdom to immediately release Julian Assange, citizen of Australia, from Belmarsh prison where he is being unjustly and cruelly incarcerated.

Acting as a publisher through WikiLeaks, Mr. Assange has done the world a service in documenting the war crimes and other abuses of the United States and other governments, organizations, and corporations.

He is not charged with any crime or even misdemeanor in the United Kingdom, and has fully served his sentence for his single offense: jumping bail to avoid extradition to the United States via Sweden. He was not and is not charged with any crime in Sweden.

The sole charges against Mr. Assange originate in the United States, where he is charged with the publication of accurate information provided by informed sources, as well as with encouraging a source, and protecting a source. These are regular and necessary practices of journalism in a free and democratic society. The prosecution of a publisher for publishing accurate information that is clearly in the public interest is a threat to journalism and to democracy.

The "espionage" prosecution by the United States of a non-U.S. citizen who has not been in and is not in the United States would be an additional dangerous precedent to set.

It is quite clear that in its current treatment of Julian Assange, the United Kingdom is debasing itself as a mere instrument of political repression exercised by the United States. The current imprisonment of Mr. Assange is a blot on the United Kingdom’s judicial system, a disgrace to British decency.

There is every reason to fear an unfair trial, or cruel imprisonment without trial, in the United States. We appeal to your sense of justice to uphold the best traditions of British democracy and respect for human rights by immediately freeing, rather than extraditing, Julian Assange.

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8084 5 hours ago Anonymous Pompano Beach, FL , US
8083 11 hours ago Anonymous Toronto, ON , CA
8082 12 hours ago Garrilynn Harvey West Linn, OR , US People who put animals into cages too small to turn around in, to flap their wings, or to live endlessly in nothing but feces, urine, filth Concentraion camps for animals in the tuest senses of the ...
8081 16 hours ago Lea X Albuquerque , NM , US By persecuting this man, you are admitting your heinous wrongdoing. Why else torture him like this if you’re so innocent?
8080 1 day ago Alexis Maestre-Saborit Fort Myers, FL , US
8079 3 days ago Patrick Craig GUERNEVILLE, CA , US When journalists are arrested it is time to support a revolution.
8078 3 days ago Elfriede Krutsch Berlin, ot , DE Shame for a democratic state
8077 3 days ago Anonymous Pompano Beach, FL , US
8076 5 days ago Amber Colvin Humble, TX , US
8075 5 days ago Anonymous Pompano Beach, FL , US
8074 6 days ago Marian Twomey Bodyke, ot , IE
8073 6 days ago Anonymous Pompano Beach, FL , US
8072 6 days ago Anonymous Liverool, SK , GB
8071 7 days ago Terry Danyleyko Toronto, ON , CA The world needs more people like Mr Assange to expose the corruption that exists in all governments and large corporation that are trying to manipulate us into thinking these governments and corpora...
8070 7 days ago Anonymous Pompano Beach, FL , US
8069 1 week ago juni Dahr Oslo, NO
8068 1 week ago Lea X Albuquerque , NM , US
8067 1 week ago heidi paris chula vista, CA , US Assange is a hero to democracy and freedom and the right to know what one's government is doing.
8066 1 week ago Jon Tjensvoll Ytre Enebakk, ot , NO
8065 1 week ago Anonymous Madison, WI , US
8064 1 week ago Elva Edwards Denver, CO , US He only told the truth and as Governor Connelly said, "if the American people knew what was going on, there would be a revolution." Let it be. The truth sets us all free.
8063 1 week ago Priscilla Felia College Point, NY , US Have you no shame? Do you have any dignity or integrity left? Every single human right violated in the Julian Assange horror story. His fate will be blood on your hands for the rest of history. The ...
8062 1 week ago Peter Corish Croydon, ot , GB
8061 1 week ago Anonymous S h, FL , US
8060 1 week ago Anonymous Pompano Beach, FL , US
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