Petition to Trump: Don't Iraq Iran!

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What the United States did to Iraq must not be done to Iran!

Sign this petition to President Trump:

To President Donald Trump:

I urge you not to launch, and to cease risking the initiation of, a war on Iran. You have accurately described the decision to attack Iraq as one of the worst in U.S. history. This one could be worse.

I encourage you to meet peacefully with Iranian leaders, cease threatening war, dismiss your subordinates who are intent on war, end inhumane sanctions, and remove U.S. troops from the region.

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20296 7 days ago Barbara Farrell Los Alamitos, CA , US
20295 7 days ago Anonymous Ansbach, ot , DE Close US-Bases in Germany. Stop WAR for US Money!
US-Army go out of Germany!
20294 1 week ago Monika Huber Vienna, ot , AT
20293 1 week ago Richard Devletian Los Angeles, CA , US
20292 1 week ago Navaya Ndaskoi Arusha, ot , TZ
20291 1 week ago Joseph Buban Las Vegas, NV , US
20290 1 week ago Oscar Kronblad Mobile, AL , I'm a volunteer to be drafted into Iran's team, I hope you can respond as fast as possible, Have a good one
20289 1 week ago Susan Osada Buffalo Grove, IL , US
20288 1 week ago Lisa Vasta Brooklyn, NY , US
20287 1 week ago sarah stevens Martinez, CA , US
20286 1 week ago sarah stevens Martinez, CA , US
20285 1 week ago Anonymous Laramie, WY , US
20284 1 week ago Michaƫl Marie HOMSY Nantes, ot , FR In the name of Jesus-Christ, our Savior and our God
20283 1 week ago Anonymous Alcester, MS , GB not in the name of peace you evil bastard Trump
20282 1 week ago Donna Murphy Santa Maria, CA , US trump, hang your head in shame for trying to start another war to only enrich yourself and the ones who have bought you. your actions, lies and filthy words will no longer be tolerated by the citiz...
20281 1 week ago Becca Greenstein Chicago, IL , US
20280 1 week ago Susanne Kiriaty Paia, HI , US What will stop all of this nonsense?
All started by our *Liar* Trump!
Please *RESIGN* ASAP & do no more *HARM*!
20279 1 week ago Anonymous venice, FL , US
20278 1 week ago sarah stevens Martinez, CA , US
20277 1 week ago Kevin Kamps Mount Rainier, MD , US Stop Trump's endless war with Iran!
20276 1 week ago Omar Hussein Los Angeles, CA , US
20275 1 week ago Anonymous Santa Rosa, CA , US By the way, your dumb ass is guilty of treason, obstructing justice, embezzlement and sexually assaulting women so that people will think you're a man. Good luck in federal prison.
20274 1 week ago Norma Dressel Berlin, ot , DE
20273 1 week ago Garrick Balk South Elgin, IL , US
20272 1 week ago Robert Rowe Hamilton, ON , CA
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