Petition to Trump: Don't Iraq Iran!

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What the United States did to Iraq must not be done to Iran!

Sign this petition to President Trump:

To President Donald Trump:

I urge you not to launch, and to cease risking the initiation of, a war on Iran. You have accurately described the decision to attack Iraq as one of the worst in U.S. history. This one could be worse.

I encourage you to meet peacefully with Iranian leaders, cease threatening war, dismiss your subordinates who are intent on war, end inhumane sanctions, and remove U.S. troops from the region.

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11182 28 minutes ago M. Jamison Oxnard, CA , US Old men sending young people to die. You will not be reelected for starting a war that your predecessor worked to stop. Shame on you!
11181 45 minutes ago Marge Schwartz S.B., CA , US
11180 1 hour ago Marilyn Davis Evanston, IL , US Do not give in to your insanity!
11179 1 hour ago Donald Williams Somerville, MA , US
11178 2 hours ago Anonymous Santa Rosa, CA , US Iran will fight with DETERMINATION to defend their own Country! Don't risk American Lives and make the price of oil Syrocket upwards!
11177 3 hours ago sally burley Redruth, ot , GB
11176 4 hours ago Maria Caparis CALSTOCK, ot , GB
11175 5 hours ago Elisabeth Peterson Wayzata , MN , US Do not involve us in another unnecessary war! We only make more enemies since the world sees us as bullies. The cost in lives and money is only required if we are directly attacked.
11174 5 hours ago Walter Sizer Moorhead, MN , US
11173 6 hours ago Elizabeth Choate North Waterford, ME , US
11172 6 hours ago Neville Bruce Anchorage, AK , US
11171 6 hours ago les roberts Serafina, NM , US
11170 6 hours ago Mitra Mehr Fairfax, VA , US
11169 6 hours ago Anthony Ostrow Superior , AZ , US The consequences will be a global war and the beginnings of Armageddon!
11168 6 hours ago Mark Lukin MARGARETVILLE, NY , US
11167 6 hours ago Gerald Williams Berlin, ot , DE We definitely do not need the destruction of Iran and large parts of the rest of the world that would most probably be destroyed by such foolhardy action!!
11166 7 hours ago Matthew Genaze Cambridge, MA , US History has proven time and again that peace and diplomacy are the only approaches that lead to long term success and prosperity for all of America's interests.
11165 7 hours ago Pam Wallace Greeneville, TN , US
11164 7 hours ago James Bengel Wendell, NC , US
11163 8 hours ago Marion Schulman L.A., CA , US
11162 8 hours ago Michèle Haudebourg Pontault Combault, ot , FR
11161 8 hours ago Mikel Sola Sollentuna, ot , SE
11160 8 hours ago Hermann Klosius Wien, ot , AT
11159 8 hours ago Janet Budd Oxford, IL , GB
11158 9 hours ago Roger harkness oklahoma city, OK , US
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