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Facebook has partnered with which is part of The Daily Caller, a promoter of climate denial that was co-founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and is funded by oil barons Charles and David Koch among other right-wing backers.

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We demand that you drop your role as arbitrary fact-checker and guardian of good opinion -- and instead confine yourself to maintaining an open and safe platform free from violence and threats of violence.

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11444 23 hours ago David Henderson Augusta, GA Facebook is of the adversary.
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11442 1 day ago frederique lopez genève, ot
11441 1 day ago James Felizola Olympia, WA
11440 1 day ago Robin McDonald Quakertown, PA Fact-Checking is, by its very nature, a function can, obviously, ONLY be performed by individuals who understand that FACTS are immutable; there are no "versions" of facts, no "alternative facts" anThis FACT disqualifies ANY organization associated with the Koch Brothers, Tucker Carlson OR the Daily Caller from any "Fact-Checking" role. Each of them has a LENGTHY history of Denying and Distorting Facts!

The Koch Brothers are extremist "Climate-Deniers" whose wealth comes from the fossil fuels that CREATE Climate Change. They spent years SUPPRESSING FACTS, working to convince people "Climate Change" was "a hoax," attacking the FACT fossil fuels endanger humans and the environment, spent MILLIONS paying "experts" to "question" Climate-Change; lobbyists; PACS; industry-sponsored "citizen" groups; PR ads & HUGE political "donations" to buy DENIAL of the FACTS & BLOCK environmental laws and regulations. They value profit far above human lives or the environment. They deny FACTS: that Climate Change exists; that fossil fuels accelerate it, that it KILLS people and the planet. To them, FACTS are unimportant, irrelevant irritations to be ignored, questioned or denied.

Tucker Carlson is a r/w extremist who DISTORTS and DENIES FACTS daily on Fox! He spreads r/w racism, misogyny, Islamophobia via FALSE CLAIMS to incite hatred and resentment of Immigrants, non-Whites, women, LGBT Americans, Democrats, Liberals, the poor, the mainstream media, Robert Mueller & all who refute Donald Trump\'s lies and distortions, oppose the policies, positions & actions of Trump and/or his regime. He Rejects, Denies and casts doubt on all FACTS that refute his ideas and opinions, including: Facts proving Russia interfered in 2016 US election to help Trump;FACT of over 250 PROVEN contacts between Trump campaign and Russia; FACTS of Mueller probes indictments and guilty pleas;FACTS of PROVEN instances of Trump Obstruction; Trump\'s payoffs to women; that payoffs are crimes; that "seeking anti-Clinton info" from Russia is a crime; that Congress has legal Duty of oversight of the president. He DENIES the FACT the Mueller Report says it DOES NOT EXONERATE Trump; Carlson DENIES all FACTS that show wrongdoing by Trump as "FAKE NEWS."

Carlson spreads FACT-FREE, FALSE and MISLEADING Propaganda! He Claims CNN, Free Press, Free Speech, Religious Freedom are Problems because they enable journalists, protesters, "the dark state" and Muslims, who are all "enemies of the president and the nation." He incites fear & hatred w/attacks and LIES about newly elected non-White, Dem. female Reps. says new Muslim House Member NOT patriotic or loyal to US, wears a headscarf so must follow Sharia Law" thus shouldn\'t be allowed in Congress; Dehumanizes Asylum seekers as "infestation" and "invaders" "stealing" jobs Americans want,despite dairy farms and others closing due to NO workers;. FACTS are IRRELEVANT to Carlson; he invents stories & stats to support his positions and claims they are FACTS, while KNOWING they\'re LIES!.

The Daily Caller, founded by Tucker Carlson isn\'t "news," just r/w-biased "versions" of mostly-false or distorted claims and extremist conspiracy theories; According to Wikipedia, Daily Caller\'s "Climate-Change Denial" incl.false claims re: NOAA (falsifying data to create a false appearance of "climate change"- repeatedly debunked); bogus "studies" to "prove" climate change is a "hoax;" promotion of a misleadingly-edited James O\'Keefe video falsely attacking NPR as "anti-Republican;" Five days before Senate election, Daily Caller published accusations of 2 women who claimed Bob Menendez (D. NJ) paid them for sex- under Police investigation, the women admitted The Daily Caller paid them to make the false claims; frequently publishes neo-nazi, "Nationalist" (White Supremacy& racial/ethnic/ cultural and religious "cleansing creed) articles, incl by Kessler, Spencer & other White Supremacist/Racist/Nationalist, etc;extremists; posted video in 2017 of car ramming protesters w/"Move Bitch" Ludacris song in background; pushed (false) conspiracy theories tying Imran Awan (Dem. House IT worker) to multiple crimes, incl.unauthorized access of gov\'t servers. Daily Caller reporter told Fox News Awan\'s actions "straight out of James Bond." After 18-month investigation, Federal investigators found NO evidence Awan did ANYTHING wrong and stated the conspiracy theories were all FALSE; REBUKED by Feds for "litany of right-wing conspiracy theories" about Awan,

Re the 2016 election, a Harvard U study found Daily Caller provided "amplification and legitimization" for "the most extreme conspiracy sites" during 2016 election; that it "employed anti-immigrant narratives that echoed sentiments from the alt-right and white nationalists" as well as "deep anti-Muslim sentiment." Extensive FALSE anti-Clinton "stories," incl. Claims Hillary Clinton was deep in debt to Muslim nations; falsely asserted Morocco\'s King flew Bill Clinton on private jet and Clinton Foundation did not report on taxes; made "utterly unsubstantiated and unsourced claim" Hillary Clinton got head of EPA to try to shut down Mosaic Fertilizer (largest US phosphate mining co) for a $15M donation to Clinton Foundation by King of Morocco to help Morocco phosphate company.

I would have expected Mr. Zuckerberg to have at least some respect for the FACT that over 200,000 REAL American Patriots, of ALL races and religions, fought and DIED in WWII to ERADICATE the "Nationalist" ideology supported by Donald Trump and his neo-Nazi "fine people" at the Daily Caller from the face of the Earth.

Our Fathers and Grandfathers DID NOT SACRIFICE their lives to see that creed of hatred and authoritarian tyranny recur in the UNITED STATES! I cannot imagine Mr. Zuckerberg\'s family would support his decision to turn FaceBook into a forum for these anti-Semitic, r/w haters of truth and democracy to distort the truth on your platform.

FaceBook\'s decision to partner with these Truth-Denying,, r/w partisan extremists in the lead up to the 2020 election instead of partnering with SNOPES or another LEGITIMATE Fact-Checking Organization shows its REAL AGENDA!

A reasonable person living in the US (or most other advanced counties) could only assume FB\'s decision to "partner" with any group connected to these individuals must be based on one of two reasons:

1) FB is "seeking favor" w/ Donald Trump and the GOP in order to:

A). avoid some threatened harm, such as damaging legislation; revelation of some embarrassing information or illegal actions regarding a Zuckerberg, FB Board member or some associate thereof; or
B). FB or a Zuckerberg has been promised some financial or other benefit, like tax preferences, lowered fines, free Trump Penthouse in Moscow or other location, preferential treatment of some sort, etc.

2) Zuckerberg is trying to avoid "hate-Tweets" or other Trump regime attacks and/or potential "break up" of his company over false claims of "repressing" r/w extremist "voices" by Trump\'s Swamp Creature "administration," and has agreed to become yet another arm of "state media" like Fox, Breitbart, Daily Caller, etc, including promotion of pro-Trump propaganda; agreeing to disseminate anti-Democrat/anti-Progressive or other "liberal" or "leftist" information and stopping its removal of Russian election-influencing fake ads, fake accounts, bots, and other r/w extremist, Islamaphobic and/or other violence, hatred-inciting, neo-nazi, and/or racial/religious/cultural/ethnic "cleansing" and anti-immigrant material, etc.

In addition, FB will allow the Koch/Carlson/Daily Caller "Truth Deniers" to spread their lies and false information under the guise of "equal access for "all" voices, including phony "r/w slanted fact checking;" to minimize or block release of information about Trump\'s multiple lies and misleading fictions, while also allowing them to falsify claims to harm "liberal" interests. To date, the Washington Post had identified over 9000 lies and misleading statements of Donald Trump; how many have the Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson or the Kochs mentioned? How many have they SUPPORTED or REPEATED?

Doing this will harm our National Security and advance the Trump/Putin efforts to AGAIN "fix" our election! PLEASE - our nation cannot afford another 4 years of Trump and his destructive impulses and self-serving attacks on everything good about our country! YOU can - and MUST -buck the Trump attack on the truth and FACTS! Please do not become the "Fox State News" of the internet!

FaceBook\'s decision to "partner" with fringe r/w partisan extremists and conspiracy theorists means, in effect, FB has agreed to become an arm of the Trump media - interestingly, just in time to help Trump\'s allies, the Russsians and the other enemies of free and fair elections de-legitimize the 2020 election. Disgusting choice Mr. Zuckerberg.

Our nation has had enough LIES - DON\'T MAKE IT WORSE!'); return false;">...
11439 1 day ago Chaya Pearson Portland, OR
11438 1 day ago Deirdre Sandberg London, ot Whaaa? I had no idea! The Koch bros have always been the richest not noblest band in the world. Facebooc must not pretend to know things if it clearly doesn't. The Koch bros could use their mega tri...
11437 1 day ago Pierre Careau Gaspe, QC
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11427 3 days ago Anonymous Pitt Meadows, BC Have you ever listened to to the Koch brothers, do you know what there business is? You are done as a news source to me! Unreal how much they give you? When will you have enough money for you to sta...
11426 3 days ago SHEILA KNAPP NORFOLK , VA
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