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“We the undersigned call on President Trump to pardon Reality Winner or to commute her sentence to time served.”

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14871 18 hours ago Trygve Loken VA Democracy does not come free, and Freedom is not a guarantee. People like Reality should be celebrated as heroes for the courage shown in there actions to protect our Great Nation! And they definite
I hope that those in authority understand that the secret missions conducted by NSA are meant to serve Democracy, not the other way around. And Democracy is only strong if it\'s underlying mechanisms can be trusted to be working soundly and securely. Also Democracy requires an informed electorate in order to operate properly, otherwise if voters are not well informed, and don\'t know the issues, then what are they really voting on? And don\'t forget that a society that values power & authority over truth is not a free society.

Given the paramount importance of maintaining Democracy\'s most sacred institution(elections), it should be clear and obvious that Reality was simply doing her duty, as a public servant, in leaking those documents.

The public should know about things that threaten the very foundations of our democracy, especially situations that directly affect large numbers of citizen voters themselves.

Therefore, I firmly stand with Reality and #freeRealityWinner!'); return false;">...
14870 1 day ago Anonymous Thank you for being brave <3
14869 1 day ago Anonymous Pataskala, OH It's called election transparency, we can't have that.
14868 2 days ago Anonymous Lansing, MI I would hope, I would have done the same.
14867 3 days ago Dorothy Van Fossan Farmington Hills, MI Reality Winner is a patriot. I stand with her. She deserves a full pardon.
14866 3 days ago Scott Engler Louisburg, NC Russia attacked our country- you know this! They are still attacking us!
14865 3 days ago Christine McGowan Tucson, AZ
14864 6 days ago Anthony Keane Dublin, I admire your strength, honour & principles. You might be broke but u rich. ‘By their fruits ye shall know them’. Xx
14863 6 days ago william matthews lucerne, CA Free Patriot Realiy stand string youg lady love and peace your way
from a veteran
14862 7 days ago Mark Autterson Centennial, CO Thank you sister
14861 1 week ago Anonymous Austin, TX It's past time.
14860 1 week ago Kim Bush Midland, TX
14859 1 week ago Anonymous Reality is a hero. Thank you for spreading truth in an age of lies and misinformation!
14858 1 week ago Alta Toler Lynden, WA Much too harsh for what happened. Rescind the decision.
14857 1 week ago Robert Shonk Chicago, IL
14856 1 week ago Jordan Cotter Weatherford, OK You did the right thing with Roger Stone. Do the right thing with Reality Winner
14855 2 weeks ago Megan Coffey Rohnert Park, CA Please pardon Reality Winner! She is not a spy--she is a patriot who is no threat to this country or anyone in it!
14854 2 weeks ago CR STONE GARLAND, TX Let her go!
14853 2 weeks ago Jess Beck New York, NY
14852 3 weeks ago Crystal Vincent-Hill Oklahoma City, OK
14851 3 weeks ago Anonymous Luton, ot Please set Reality free all she did was to make a stand against injustice
14850 3 weeks ago Michael Bernier Norton, MA President Trump has pardoned his crony Stone while this national hero suffers with COVID-19 in prison. While I am sure Trump will not pardon Reality as she is a patriot and he is an anti-American f...
14849 3 weeks ago Zella Brown Bowie, MD
14848 3 weeks ago George Kormendi New York, NY
14847 3 weeks ago Nathan Jackson Houston, TX She did what needed to be done. She should not be in prison especially with Coronavirus running rampant.
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