Pardon Reality Winner

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“We the undersigned call on President Trump to pardon Reality Winner or to commute her sentence to time served.”

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15189 2 months ago Cassandra Hargitt Cimarron , NM Imprison tRump instead
15188 7 months ago Anonymous South Squirrel Hill, PA There is no justice in the world. She did America a service not a disservice, her motive was good, maybe her process was poorly done. If Reality had been a man or wealthy she never would have gone...
15187 7 months ago Anonymous Spring Hill, FL
15186 7 months ago Chris Darling Richmond, CA
15185 7 months ago Sheryl Roller Albuquerque , NM President Biden PLEASE grant this woman clemency or a pardon! Frankly u might not have even been elected if citizens didn’t expose tactics to steal the election! I believe she deserves a metal and ...
15184 7 months ago Lonnie Nunes Milwaukee, WI Pardon Reality, you all know she should be one of our heroes…and that she was never a traitor. Correct this injustice, if not corrected it’s a black mark against what this country stands for. She wa...
15183 7 months ago Lonnie Nunes Milwaukee, WI Reality, I thank you for your heroic efforts. There are always haters around, but now we have people out there who ignore the truth, for their own personal gains.
Trump and his enablers don’t ca...
15182 7 months ago Ricky Lanham Springfield, IL Reality Winner is an American Patriot who not only fought for our country against our foreign enemies in Afghanistan, but also fought to protect our Democracy against Russia interfering in the 2018 ...
15181 7 months ago Anonymous Birmingham, AL She is a patriot.
She must be pardoned
15180 10 months ago Connor Underwood Colorado Springs, CO
15179 1 year ago Laura Chinofsky Southampton, PA
15178 1 year ago Anonymous lander, WY
15177 1 year ago Verne Simon Warminster, PA
15176 1 year ago Steven Morrow Santa Rosa, CA I call on President Biden to pardon Reality Winner for her true patriotism and actions promoting Freedom of Speech, and Democracy in America. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I support Reality Winner 100%.
15175 1 year ago SarahDawn Haynes Boulder, CO It’s courageous and foolish what you did. The Nation-State in a fit of moral lucidity should absolve you and free you. Until then, be well, stay strong.
15174 1 year ago Cameron Anderson St. Croix Falls, WI Hang in there. Your almost done/ home! I can relate to your unnecessary, way overdone incarceration time, and I will be praying for you, Cameron Anderson
15173 1 year ago Joe Herten Dearborn, MI Send to Joe Biden
15172 1 year ago Eric Norton Kennesaw, GA
15171 1 year ago Monica Ebben Olympia, WA
15169 1 year ago Anonymous Sanford, FL It is ludicrous & obscene that Reality Winner is still incarcerated when so many clear & presently dangerous ppl walk around running their mouths in such unhinged provocative fashion.
It's a gia...
15168 1 year ago John Palmer Bensalem, PA
15167 1 year ago Mary Incremona Somerset, NJ Please rectify this miscarriage of justice. Reality Winner protected and informed the American People as well as uninformed members of the United States Congress. Her treatment has been all out of p...
15166 1 year ago Paul Nini Columbus, OH
15165 1 year ago N Wood Nashvillt, TN We're too great a country to punish someone brave enough to tell the truth to power. Reality deserves a pardon.
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