Pardon Reality Winner

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“We the undersigned call on President Trump to pardon Reality Winner or to commute her sentence to time served.”

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11849 3 hours ago Jeffrey Eyges Brookline, MA
11848 20 hours ago Benjamin Last Seattle, WA
11847 1 day ago Anna Koupegkou Thessaloniki, ot It is so sad to hear that a person of my age has to go through this because she did the right thing... She must be freed.
11846 1 day ago Anonymous s h, FL
11845 3 days ago Lance Miller Renton , WA What Reality did was in NO way espionage .... UNLESS you are a supporter of Russia and everything it represents.
11844 4 days ago Anonymous San Bernardino, CA Espionage act truly does not apply to Reality Winner in this case. This is true injustice.
11843 4 days ago Anonymous s h, FL
11842 5 days ago Kathryn Scott Olympia, WA I wish we had multitudes of people with her courage and strength of character, but she is all too rare. Get her out of prison and back into a society that needs her desperately.
11841 5 days ago Chris Peterson Saint Helens, OR Driving a firetruck without a license is not a crime to the person who's house is on fire.
Release Reality Winner!
11840 5 days ago Bob Bertram Petaluma, CA Trump just said he will accept foreign help in the 2020 election on national tv. He’s far more guilty of espionage than Reality Winner will ever be.
11839 6 days ago Angela Schryer-Choquette Wyoming, RI
11838 1 week ago Anonymous s h, FL
11837 1 week ago Paul Sensat Clear Lake Shores, TX Former C.I.A. director David Patraeus leaks classified material and gets probation. Reality Winner blows whistle on election interference and gets five years. What's wrong with this picture?
11836 1 week ago Chris Lee Portland, OR
11835 1 week ago Anonymous s h, FL
11834 1 week ago Christy S What a travesty, it's such a waste for her to be stuck behind bars, unable to use her considerable talents to improve the world.
11833 1 week ago Emory Mort Portland, OR Hang in there, Reality
11832 1 week ago Albert Decatur RICHMOND, VA
11831 1 week ago lyndzee wolfe hat creek, CA
11830 1 week ago Ryan Williams Long Beach, CA She deserves a pat on the back and to be applauded for what she did, not to be sitting in jail. Pardon and free Reality Winner!
11829 1 week ago Anonymous Davidson, NC Informing the American people is not espionage
11828 1 week ago Carlos Casey Garden Grove, CA This women is a hero for doing what she did. It’s a shame on this country for incarcerating her for revealing an act against our democratic voting system. To call her a spy is such an Orwellian use ...
11827 1 week ago Piotr Ostrowski Warsaw, ot People in Europe also know about Reality!
11826 1 week ago Grzegorz Kowal Wroc?aw, ot Free Reality Winner - She is a HERO, while Trump is ZERO !
11825 1 week ago Lynne Kavin Chicago, IL
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