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A Message to the People of Mexico from People in the United States

The people of Mexico have overwhelmingly elected progressive candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to be the next president of Mexico.

Please click below to send the following message to the people of Mexico, a message that will be delivered to Mexican media and organizations in both English and Spanish.

Unlike President Trump, we wish you well. Not ill. And we send good wishes to your incoming, progressive president, Mr. Lopez Obrador, whom you've elected in an historic landslide to carry out your will to reduce inequality, corruption and violence.

Unlike President Trump, we do not scapegoat you for problems in our country. Unlike President Trump, we are proud to be a multiracial country and proud of the contributions made to our country by generations of Mexican immigrants. We are appalled by the separation of children from their parents at the border. And we do not support erecting a wall between our two countries.

Unlike President Trump, who received only 46 percent of votes cast and three million votes less than a competing candidate, we recognize that your incoming president earned the support of a strong majority of Mexican voters.

We vow to do our part to allow you, the people of Mexico, to determine your own political future. We know the dreadful history of our government’s bullying interventions in the internal affairs of Latin American countries – and that our government has used phrases like ‘human rights,’ ‘pro-democracy’ and ‘war on drugs’ to prettify interventions that have brought corporate exploitation, militarism, chaos, and even dictatorship to other countries.

We send good wishes to the people of Mexico and to President-Elect Lopez Obrador.

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14827 49 minutes ago sarah stevens Martinez, CA
14826 8 hours ago William Insley Tacoma, WA
14825 9 hours ago Anonymous Henderson, NV
14824 15 hours ago Neil Hansen Franklin, TN
14823 1 day ago Jo Pa Bronx, NY
14822 1 day ago Jo Pa Bronx, NY
14821 2 days ago Joel Barlow Flagstaff, AZ
14820 2 days ago Kathy Ison Tomahawk, WI
14819 2 days ago sarah stevens Martinez, CA
14818 2 days ago Anonymous S h, FL
14817 3 days ago Fred Lewis Mt shasta, CA
14816 3 days ago Linda Hayes Riverton , NJ
14815 3 days ago Rob Rocco Avon Lake, OH
14814 3 days ago Cara Blazucki Reisterstown, MD
14813 4 days ago Leonard Butters Spokane, WA
14812 5 days ago Sally Roberts Wilson Morgantown, WV
14811 6 days ago Nathaniel Rugh Murrells Inlet, SC
14810 7 days ago Linda Moorman Chicago, IL
14809 7 days ago Krystina Stark Little Rock, AR
14808 7 days ago anne loftus Lake Orion, MI I strongly oppose Trump's immigration policies -- all of them.
14807 7 days ago Kim Limberg Irivng, TX
14806 1 week ago Charles Robinson Vineyard Haven, MA
14805 1 week ago Mary Stevenson Mount Sinai, NY
14804 1 week ago Anonymous La Mirada, CA People regardless of where you come from want a safe place to earn a living and raise their family. I pray there is an end to President Trumps madness so we can find a way for people to live in harm...
14803 1 week ago Father William Dowd Brick, NJ We support you!
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