Tell U.S. Media to Fix Its Palestine Coverage

We have four simple demands for U.S. mainstream media outlets to help fix their broken coverage of Palestine. (Some outlets, of course, are less biased than others.) Add your name below before we deliver this petition to U.S. mainstream media:

1. Include the voices of Palestinian rights activists and peace activists, both from Palestine and from the United States.

2. Include the stories of Palestinian victims and their friends and loved ones.

3. Use the active voice. If the Israeli military kills someone, say so. Don't say that Palestinians died, or "died in clashes," and leave the cause of death a mystery to be discovered through careful reading of later paragraphs.

4. Provide appropriate context so that those you are informing of the latest violence know that Israel forcibly removed Palestinians from their homes in 1948 and through the 1967 war, that Israel today illegally occupies and blockades Palestinians, that Israel holds many Palestinian political prisoners, that Israel receives billions of dollars in free high-tech weaponry from the United States every year, and that none of these things is true for the other "side" of the "conflict."

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Number Date Name Location Please add comment.
10205 19 minutes ago Maeryn Boirionnach Woodland, CA
10204 1 hour ago C Cook Newtown, PA
10203 6 hours ago Pete Costales Woodstock, IL
10202 7 hours ago Wendy Martin Apple Valley, CA I have a different viewpoint, I think that anyone in their right mind would just vacate the area and find a new place to live. Why these people would flail themselves in front of the barbaric Israe...
10201 7 hours ago Katherine Benton Tacoma, WA
10200 7 hours ago Joanna Chapin Honolulu, HI
10199 8 hours ago Jen Reese Springfield , MO
10198 9 hours ago Camryn Pate Clinton, NC
10197 9 hours ago Dayle Sherba Anchorage, AK
10196 10 hours ago Ellen Brotsky Berkeley, CA
10195 10 hours ago blanche bolsega oakland, CA
10194 10 hours ago Julie Ostoich Sacramento, CA
10193 10 hours ago Dorothy Brown Minnetonka, MN
10192 10 hours ago 'Great White' (Shark: Earth & Beings Rights Person) Homestead, FL
10191 11 hours ago Lynette Lowe Cincinnati , OH
10190 11 hours ago Sherry Hawkins-Hutley Scarborough, ON Please show the truth. There are bad apples on both sides, but Israel is always shown in the more positive light.
10189 11 hours ago Ellen Phillips Villa Park, IL
10188 12 hours ago John Smith Ann Arbor, MI
10187 12 hours ago R. Brent Palmer Palmyra, VA
10186 12 hours ago marija stroke New York, NY
10185 13 hours ago Deanna Clinger Canal Winchester, OH
10184 13 hours ago Nelly Case Los Alamos, NM
10183 14 hours ago Alex Domin San Diego, CA
10182 14 hours ago Beth Brunton Seattle, WA
10181 14 hours ago Anonymous Fontana, CA
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