Stop Trump's militarism parade before it starts

Trump wants a military parade with major war weaponry rolling down the streets of Washington, D.C.

We will deliver this petition to the U.S. House Majority Leader, House Minority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, and the Senate Minority Leader.

Let's stop this bad idea before it happens:

We demand that the United States hold no militarism-glorifying parade displaying weaponry of war. Should such a thing be staged, we will visibly support peace on that day.

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Number Date Name Location Please add comments!
24563 1 week ago Stacey Allen Edmond,
24562 1 week ago Anonymous North Tonawanda, We are Not Nazi Germany , No matter what Trump thinks . This is Not how America celebrates it's Birthday and Our Togetherness
24561 1 week ago Jessica Rapp Duluth,
24560 1 week ago Beth Estergomy Centerport,
24559 1 week ago Michael LaPalombara Levittown , Please stop this unnecessary display and waste of more of the people’s money.
24558 1 week ago Richard Jones Leland, This is ridiculous. Instead of wasting tax dollars, stop this charade and use the money to help people. We've had many a good 4th of July celebrations without this grandstanding! If Trump wants ...
24557 1 week ago Michael Green Winston Salem, Trump would like nothing more than to become a dictator. Stop this crazy man!
24556 1 week ago Janice Shapiro Buckeye, Disgusting
24555 1 week ago Janis Sweigard LOWER SALEM, Totally against this militarized parade. Trump aligns himself with rulers who are brutal. A parade like this is for Trump and not to celebrate this country's independence. This is a total waste of t...
24554 1 week ago HARRY SHRIVER HEARNE, C'mon people....Nothing but a ridiculous waste of taxpayers money!
How many vets can be helped.. 9/11 first responders, feed and assist the homeless - all could be helped with with this fundin...
24553 1 week ago Anonymous Kenosha, I don't want to pay for Trump's vanity parade
24552 1 week ago Laura Lester Portland,
24551 2 months ago Anonymous S H,
24550 3 months ago Anonymous Madison,
24549 5 months ago LLOYD BESAW EAST SYRACUSE, I am oppose to sending millions on a parade, when all it does is build up Trump's ego.
24548 9 months ago Anonymous Kennesaw, Stop him
24547 10 months ago Zach Luschen Roy, I'm not exactly a religious person, but to do something like this is an act of being prideful. Nothing good would come out of this.
24546 10 months ago Virgil Pauls Newton,
24545 11 months ago Yasmin Leon Chula Vista ,
24544 11 months ago Barbara Marshall Buchanan, This is a ridiculous waste of taxpayers money! How many vets could be helped with with this funding. Why don't we have Trump lead the parade while pounding his chest! This is Trump trying to keep...
24543 11 months ago Mary Hogerheide Gypsum,
24542 11 months ago Vickie Coughlin Fruit Cove,
24541 11 months ago Anonymous Thomasville, Our world has turned into one big joke, where Trump wins and the rest of us lose.
24540 11 months ago Ron Luty Rochester, Our military does not need to be showcased. Greatest in the world. Through our history with our allies we have fought and died against wrongs. We walk humbly, do not use them for ego's or false brav...
24539 11 months ago Anonymous Pittsburgh,
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> PBS NewsHour: Trump says it will be hard to unify country without a ‘major event’