Tell Members of Congress: No More Tax Dollars for War in Syria

President Trump’s order that launched a missile attack on Syria could lead to an even deadlier war in that country -- and could result in a U.S.-Russia military clash, gravely risking escalation into a nuclear conflagration.

When the people lead, the leaders can be compelled to follow. But that means we’ve got to assert ourselves.

It’s urgent that your senators and representative in Congress hear directly from you about this extremely dangerous crisis. You can quickly send an email message to all three of them by clicking below. Just send the message that’s already in place, or add to it, or delete it and write your own note.

This action requires either your full street address or complete 9-digit U.S. zip code so our system can match you with your Representative.  On the next page your Representative and Senators may ask you to choose a category for this action -- if no category looks exact, please choose one that's close.

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