Amazon: Don't give customer info to the CIA

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. And the company has signed a $600 million contract to provide “cloud computing” services to the Central Intelligence Agency.

“We look forward to a successful relationship with the CIA,” Amazon says.
Bloomberg News: Amazon Wins Ruling for $600 Million CIA Cloud Contract
Washington Post: What Jeff Bezos Has to Say About Amazon’s CIA Contract
InformationWeek: Amazon Again Beats IBM for CIA Cloud Contract
Norman Solomon: If Obama Orders CIA to Kill, Amazon Will Be Partner

Amazon now averages 162 million unique visitors to its sites every month. The firm’s business model depends on accumulating and analyzing huge quantities of personal data. Meanwhile, the CIA depends on gathering and analyzing data to serve U.S. military interventions overseas.

During the last dozen years, the CIA has conducted ongoing drone strikes and covert lethal missions in many countries. Meanwhile, U.S. agencies like the CIA and NSA have flattened many previous obstacles to Big Brother behavior.

The circumstances are ominous. Amazon is now providing a huge computing cloud for the CIA’s secrets -- a digital place where data for mass surveillance and perpetual war are converging.

Please sign the petition below to challenge the Amazon-CIA partnership.

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34330 4.3 years ago Thomas Odegard Friday Harbor, WA , US Whatta joke. We'll simply stop buying Amazon and work hard to convince others to do the same.
34329 4.3 years ago Edith Pilkington Providence, RI , US
34328 4.3 years ago Morley Evans Regina, SK , CA
34327 4.5 years ago Noah Hanawalt Bend, OR , US The benefit of ultra-convenience will never be worth the cost of surrendering our personal privacy to the hands of those whom would have reason to control us! Keep my information away from the CIA!
34326 4.5 years ago Anonymous OH , US I've been a long time customer.. I'm waiting to hear more on this.
I think I can do my part to make the loss of customer revenue equal
to the addition of government money.... I know you you'...
34325 4.5 years ago Anonymous Spokane, WA , US bcuz when you have more money than you could possibly ever spend, there's always POWER
34324 4.5 years ago Anonymous Spokane, WA , US i can't help myself, i see delivery drones with search warrants.
34323 4.5 years ago Anonymous Naples, FL , US This is very disheartening. I had hoped for the best from Bezos, although I was and am still concerned over Amazon's offering Trump/Trump family products. I have written to him via email...which I...
34322 5 years ago Anonymous Carmel, CA , US I'm a large customer of Amazon, recommend it to friends, and shocked to learn of this collaboration to an Agency that kills people using Drones without confirming their identities. If Amazon is prov...
34321 5 years ago Anonymous Amsterdam, NL Adios Amazon!
34320 5.1 years ago Anonymous Fort Worth , TX , US
34319 5.1 years ago Anonymous Fort Worth , TX , US
34318 5.1 years ago William McNaughton Falkland, BC , CA
34317 5.2 years ago TROY ABRAHAM Hilo, HI , US Our privacy and democracy nor for sale.
34316 5.3 years ago Romy Voorhees Las Vegas, NV , US
34315 5.5 years ago Matt Courter Seattle, WA , US
34314 5.6 years ago Marilyn Lowen New York , NY , US An Amazon boycott would be a means to help Amazon reconsider surveillance of its customers.
34313 5.6 years ago Alan McPherson Kewanna, IN , US
34312 5.6 years ago David Hagberg Rockville, MD , US
34311 5.6 years ago Lori Alicie ROCHESTER, NY , US
34310 5.6 years ago S B Rutland, VT , US
34309 5.6 years ago S B Rutland, VT , US
34308 5.8 years ago Jeanne Mackay Marysville, MI , US
34307 6 years ago Karen Furniss Huntsville, AL , US
34306 6 years ago Anonymous Brooklyn, NY , US
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