Secretary of State Kerry: Reinstate Edward Snowden’s passport!

The U.S. State Department revoked the passport of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, whose “crime” was to educate Americans and the world about the dangerous growth of the U.S. surveillance state.

Freedom to travel requires a passport. It’s a basic principle.

Ed Snowden didn’t get the due process he deserves.

  Reuters: U.S. Revokes Snowden's Passport
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  Guardian: Brazilian President: U.S. “Breach of International Law”
  Washington Post: NSA Collects Millions of Address Books
  Ray McGovern: Snowden Accepts Whistleblower Award

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67083 3.6 years ago Linda Steinle Portland, OR , US
67082 3.6 years ago Anonymous NL
67081 3.6 years ago Erik-Jan van Oosten Wageningen, ot , NL
67080 3.6 years ago Brian Wiles New Orleans, LA , US
67079 3.6 years ago Anonymous Holland, MI , US We have on the books laws to protect whistleblowers. Let's use those laws and reinstate Snowden's passport, although I do wonder why he'd ever want to return to the country that burned him and is tr...
67078 3.6 years ago Helen Gage State College, PA , US
67077 3.6 years ago Henry Rosemont Newport, RI , US
67076 3.6 years ago Paula Fugman Covelo, CA , US
67075 3.6 years ago Jennifer O'Brien Lower Lake, CA , US
67074 3.6 years ago Baz Stevens Freeland, WA , US
67073 3.6 years ago Stephanie Maxson Everett, WA , US
67072 3.6 years ago Sunny Walters San francisco, CA , US
67071 3.6 years ago Jane Rosenblum Richmond, CA , US
67070 3.6 years ago Craig Fiels Oakland, CA , US
67069 3.6 years ago Shannon Myers Oakland, CA , US
67068 3.6 years ago Joshua Stein Berkeley, CA , US
67067 3.6 years ago Reverend Steve Winn, DD, RMT, Access BF, Pastor San Diego, CA , US
67066 3.6 years ago Pablo Sotoj Inglewood, CA , US Mr. Snowden is one of the people's heros
67065 3.6 years ago Sandra Morey Oakland, CA , US He is a whistleblower and as such is granted some legal protections. In my day, we fought for these protections. Whistleblowers are most important.
67064 3.6 years ago Paul Stelhe San Francisco, CA , US He's not a criminal, he made us aware.
67063 3.6 years ago Paul Stelhe San Francisco, CA , US He's not a criminal, he made us aware.
67062 3.6 years ago Hege Newth Nouri NO
67061 3.6 years ago Richard Herbin Portland, OR , US
67060 3.6 years ago ann walsh Los Gatos , CA , US I join many in gratitude for the revelations brought by Mr. Snowden - the threat of legal action against him is an outrage.
67059 3.6 years ago Jennifer Muir La Canada Flintridge, CA , US
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