Tell Google: Don't Be Evil With ALEC

Dozens of corporations have dropped their funding of the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). But now Google, Facebook and Yelp are helping to pick up the tab. Background:
SourceWatch: Google, Facebook, Yelp Members ALEC Task Force
FreePress: Tech Titans Jump the Shark

ALEC targets state legislatures around the country to roll back labor rights, environmental protection, civil rights, public health measures and more. Using big money, corporate clout and smooth lobbyists, ALEC teams up with like-minded state lawmakers to draft and enact regressive legislation.

Tell Google and other huge firms to which we'll deliver this petition not to participate in ALEC's corruption of our government:

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Number Date Name Location Feel free to add your own ...
38233 6.3 years ago Darren Mitton Avondale Estates, GA , US
38232 6.3 years ago Colby Allerton Venice, CA , US New tech is smart. Old white guys who love oil and pollution who won't change are becoming ignorant. Don't let Google (the first) support the second (ALEC). Protest this, sign. Googl...
38231 6.3 years ago James Phelps Winnetka, CA , US
38230 6.3 years ago Herbert Williams Cleveland , OH , US
38229 6.3 years ago Rene Pugh Downingtown, PA , US Well isn't Google as hypocritical as they come….'DO NO EVIL"????? GOOGLE,you surely are EVIL when you join EVIL…..bad,bad,bad,malevolent,nefarious,pernicious ALEC……purveyor of STAND YOUR GROUND LAWS...
38228 6.3 years ago Anonymous Dallas, TX , US
38227 6.3 years ago Susan Will Aberdeen, ot , GB
38226 6.3 years ago Susannah Kegler Torrance, CA , US
38225 6.3 years ago William Goodrich Tsaile, AZ , US
38224 6.3 years ago Darryl Robida Santa Maria, CA , US
38223 6.3 years ago Anonymous Richland, WA , US
38222 6.3 years ago Todd Saddler NY , US What?! You guys are members of ALEC?! WHat happened to "Do no evil"? I am going right now to IxQuick to search for a different email service. You should dump ALEC right away, before I find one, si...
38221 6.3 years ago Anonymous Las Vegas, NV , US
38220 6.3 years ago linda miyoshi silver spring, MD , US
38219 6.3 years ago Greg Christiansen Las Vegas, NV , US
38218 6.3 years ago Anonymous Alexandria, VA , US
38217 6.3 years ago Joseph Fuller Marina del Rey, CA , US Hey Google, Don't Be Evil!
38216 6.3 years ago Eva Berckmans ot , BE
38215 6.3 years ago Carrie Denham MO , US
38214 6.3 years ago Anonymous Palm Harbor, FL , US no Google, you must not fund this evil. You are so much more than this. No to ALEC! Yes to the people.
38213 6.3 years ago James Packer Seattle, WA , US
38212 6.3 years ago Jay Vernon
38211 6.3 years ago Sally Sheck Renton, WA , US
38210 6.3 years ago Greg Kristiansen Las Vegas, NV , US
38209 6.3 years ago mekala ravishankar Edison, NJ , US
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