Yes to Carbon Tax, But Do It Right

We're thrilled to see a group of prominent Republicans propose what many on the left have been demanding for many years: a serious tax on carbon emissions. Background:
Climate Leadership Council: The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends

This should be done, and is in everyone's interest to support. But it should be done right. Please sign the petition below:

We support a strictly and fairly enforced carbon tax. Emissions must be honestly monitored by the government, and the tax imposed equally on all, without loopholes for cronies, and at a rate that is adjusted each year as needed to maximize the chances of the earth's climate remaining habitable, as determined by nonpartisan scientific consensus.

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7789 5.6 years ago Norm Saunders Atlanta, GA , US
7788 5.6 years ago Kathleen Romero Oakland, CA , US
7787 5.7 years ago Natasha Wells Hainesport, NJ , US We need to make it easier to use solar and wind as options for consumers.
7786 5.7 years ago - please - quincy, IL , US
7785 5.7 years ago Anonymous Crest Hill, IL , US
7784 5.7 years ago Megan Rubino Rockaway Park, NY , US
7783 5.7 years ago j. Alessi Chicago, IL , US
7782 5.7 years ago L Harding Jacksonville, FL , US
7781 5.7 years ago Glenn Fieldman Brisbane, CA , US A tax is one of the most important tools to reduce emissions, provided that it is ratcheted upward until desired emissions reductions are achieved, and that no one can cheat--no loopholes!
7780 5.7 years ago wes Howard Hutchins, TX , US
7779 5.7 years ago Inga Jaeger Iowa City, IA , US
7778 5.7 years ago Leveretts PEACEWORKS Now Group Greenfield , MA , US Hey Hi Ho Trumps Faux Noise ( Fox News) GOP-SLOP Climate Global Warming DENIAL is a socio-patho-genic form of criminal mental illness !!
7777 5.7 years ago Linda Hildebrandt Huntington Station , NY , US
7776 5.7 years ago George Clouse Evansville, IN , US
7775 5.7 years ago David Farwell San Jose, CA , US
7774 5.7 years ago carrie weil santa monica, CA , US
7773 5.7 years ago John Rohrer New Cumberland , PA , US
7772 5.7 years ago Anonymous Sh, FL , US
7771 5.7 years ago Jon Grutman Los Angeles, CA , US
7770 5.7 years ago Gwen Pease Bethlehem, PA , US
7769 5.7 years ago Gay Randall Balsam Lake , WI , US
7768 5.7 years ago C. Yee Sacramento, CA , US
7767 5.7 years ago owen medford bronx, NY , US
7766 5.7 years ago Lori Bukoski ANN ARBOR, MI , US
7765 5.7 years ago Ashley Kopeck Wilkes-Barre, PA , US
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