Tell Obama to Release the Senate Torture Report

Four years ago, the Senate Intelligence Committee produced a 7,000-page report that the committee chair at the time, Dianne Feinstein, calls "a total exposé of the ineffectiveness of torture."

Only a 500-page censored summary was released two years ago.

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We urge you to declassify and make public the full Senate torture report.

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74566 1 year ago just, me :wilson location, ot Salus populi est suprema lex
74565 1 year ago Ashton Joynes Dunedin, FL
74564 1 year ago Sheryll Wright Reno, NV
74563 1 year ago Zack Wise Toronto, ON
74562 1 year ago Jeff Bence Newtown, PA
74561 1 year ago Jeff Bence Newtown, PA
74560 1 year ago Bill Sullivan Naples, FL We must on up to our dark side. Who was responsible for authorizing this treatment?
74559 1 year ago Anonymous FL The democracy does not like when its leaders keep secrets.
74558 1 year ago Ken Gale NYC, NY Democracy may be an imperfect system of government, but it's a lot better than what we have now.
74557 1 year ago Ken Gale NYC, NY We don't have the moral right.
74556 1 year ago Thomas Hand Santa Monica, CA Please stop supporting terrorists (ISIS) with my tax dollars.
74555 1 year ago Ashley Ghoorbin Beverly Hills, CA
74554 1 year ago Paul Nelson SEATTLE, WA
74553 1 year ago William Swatos Palm Desert, CA To avoid further violations of our nation's founding principles, we must release the torture report and vow never to commit such acts of torture again.
74552 1 year ago Eduard Mangal Amsterdam, ot
74551 1 year ago Jan Tift Minnetonka, MN
74550 1 year ago Gordon Osse Clarkdale, AZ
74549 1 year ago jolyon western SF, CA
74548 1 year ago judy carr Santa Monica, CA We urge you to declassify and make public the full Senate torture report.
74547 1 year ago Wendy Smithers SF, CA
74546 1 year ago Ivan Bailen Louisville, KY
74545 1 year ago Gretchen Davidson South Pasadena, CA We deserve to know -- we must know -- in order never to repeat atrocities.
74544 1 year ago Sid Shniad Surrey, BC
74543 1 year ago Janet Tait Aldeburgh, ot
74542 1 year ago Lizabeth Pomerantz CA
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