Tell Colin Kaepernick you support his brave stance for racial justice

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did not stand for a playing of the national anthem. He explained: "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way."

Jon Schwarz, The Intercept: Colin Kaepernick Is Righter Than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery

As a result, Kaepernick has received an avalanche of criticism and racist abuse.

To express your support for this brave athlete, please add your name to this short statement which is backed by RootsAction and Color Of Change:

Colin Kaepernick: We support your right to protest in support of racial justice. Thank you.

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22672 1 month ago Lisa Katz Chevy Chase, MD Thank you Colin Kaepernick, for being a true American. I am sorry that you have paid for it financially and with your career. I am confident that you will make more important gains towards equalit...
22671 1 month ago Rochelle Lyons Severn, MD Help me boycott Christmas.. this is the only way America will listen is when there money is effected.
22670 1 month ago Julie Dahl Denton, TX
22669 1 month ago Glenn MacMillan NB
22668 1 month ago Lenny Granger Columbia Falls , MT Please tell your friends still in the NFL instead of kneeling to stand with arms overhead, making a "Y" shape, to mean "Why?" Would prevent fining people for supporting black lives matter.!!!
22667 1 month ago James MacKenzie Goffstown, NH Please put Donald Trump and Mike Pence in jail and fine them. They have both broken the law 18 U.S. Code § 227 - Wrongfully influencing a private entity’s. Please file charges.
22666 1 month ago Theresa Hagelberg Amherst, OH
22665 1 month ago Christina Hartonczyk El Cajon , CA Everyone should kneel during the anthem. And ask for God’s mercy for being racist and help to change. Stay strong-you are the man!
22664 1 month ago matthew cohen PUTNEY, VT Colin - your speech at the award for Amnesty International was incredibly inspiring. Thank you for standing up for humanity. I need to be involved.
22663 1 month ago Eric VanBuren MINERSVILLE, PA 180,000 v. 7,000 W Ho You WIT


I would like to start off by telling you that who fight for us. We are all dug in. We are all put to the test but will we pass or
collapse on one another?

The Supreme Court is going to hear two cases about how much force is
needed for a crime to be considered violent. My recent blog explained to you
that this is the focus of your issue for those who have crimes that are considered
violent but may not have ENOUGH force involved to actually be crimes of violence.
Never give up! I would also counsel you to move on to the next issue in your case
if you do have a violent crime and are waiting for some miraculous ruling to fall
in your lap. Work on your case not your hope.

Now on to more legislation as this is MORE critical to your future in prison than
DIMAYA, JOHNSON or MATHIS or their progeny. If we can get Sentencing Reform or
aspects thereof placed in the Prison Reform Bill we would have won a place at the table
and would be in control of our own futures.


Alot of you who got Professor Hopwood\'s (FAMM BOARD MEMBER) e-mail blast
on why he backs the The First Step Act, know that the people I am involved with
concerning the passing of legislation to help thwart, reverse or eradicate mass
incarceration are at odds with Shon and his position. He knows it aswell and
accepts and respect our position. Mr. Hopwood is a class act and I would not
expect anything less. Mr. Hopwood is a good man, please do not get that confused
and he means and wants to help. We are merely at odds over where we stand on
one issue. A SERIOUS ISSUE!

A. The Blast

To be clear for those who did not get his blast he stated that he too was against
a "Prison Reform Bill" only. But he stated because it helps so many he is now for it.
Let me be clear. My argument is not that IT DOES NOT HELP my argument is that
they (FAMM, CAN-DO & Shon Hopwood) should not endorse it. The bill (The First
Step Act) does do good. One thing is that they finally disallow women given birth
to be shackled. You read it right a BILL had to be made to stop a barbaric practice
such as that. Is that per se good? Yes is it something we should be negotiating?
HELL NO! Basic human nature should been enough to compel corrections officials
to back away from that policy. So the Bill does good but lets take a look at the crux
of Mr. Hopwood\'s argument.

B. Hopwood\'s WAY

His argument is the 180,000 will be effected versus 7,000 if Sentencing Reform
and the Corrections Act (SRCA) gets passed. Further he says Mitch McConnell won\'t
bring the SRCA to the floor b/c it splits Republicans. He also uses 1,000\'s
of prisoners and their families want this bill to pass and asked him to endorse it.
Lastly, he states he would endorse it with out all of that because -although
it won\'t correct mass incarceration and be implemented disparately- it does too
much good for so many prisoners he HAD to endorse it.

The number which compels his argument is that 180,000 prisoners will get 7 more
days good time a year. In the USP\'s this means absolutely nothing b/c as you know
6 months loss of goodtime for a 100 series infraction is common-place. This probably
matters to Low or Medium security inmates but what they do not know
is that they are already receiving 54 days a year anyway. Especially if you are in a
GED or ACE class.

C. My Rebuttal

My position is the same as those who I am affiliated with. It is NOT the position of FAMM,
Can-Do or Shon Hopwood. I do not care that 180,000 prisoners will receive 7 more days good
times a year b/c the majority (85%) of those 180,000 ALREADY get those days
off. Just ask your Counselor or Unit Team or look at your computation sheet for proof.
My focus is on Sentencing Reform. I will tell you why. Prison Reform does absolutely
nothing for prisoners except give away the ONLY LEVERAGE WE HAVE to getting
actual Sentencing Reform.

Shon Hopwood states that the SRCA will NOT be retroactive and will likewise DO
NOTHING to address Mass Incarceration. Further, he says it would only effect 7,000
and not 180,000 prisoners like the First Step Act does. I would much rather have the 7,000.
Why? It is simple. Ask yourself this. Would you rather have 180,000 slaves receive 2 days off
working the fields for Mass \'a or have 7,000 of your comrades go free from slavery? Which
action would best bring about change? Per, Shon Hopwood\'s blast 1000\'s of you and your families
have contacted him stating you would rather have 2 days off in the fields a week than have 7,000
of your comrades freed from injustice. I am not surprised. MLK Jr. met with the same kinds of
obstacles from people he represented aswell. My rebuttal for Professor Hopwood was that
if he can make the case that MLK Jr. would endorse a Bill that stated "Negroes can
sit -at night- in white diners" as a FIRST STEP to desegregation then he would garner my

I do understand the SOMETHING is better than nothing approach. I think it is a weak
position. It means we will go for anything. I believe all of us reading this come from a
Pedigree of Something is Better than Nothing because we all came from NOTHING. But
we are also of the ideology that "All Money is Not Good Money". We have been sold short
by The Obama Administration, Black Organizations and our own community leaders for decades.
Now they want you to start selling your own self short. To be sure I am just not making this up
lets do the math. So 85% of 180,000 prisoners is 153,000. This is the number of prisoners
who already receive 54 days a year good time. So the difference is roughly 23,000 prisoners.
The fact they need a bill to force the BOP to implement acts of compassion, like
letting terminally Ill prisoners go home on monitor and not shackling women to the bed while
they give birth just shows you who you are making a deal with. On the other hand
7,000 prisoners will be effected by SRCA and anyone new that is incarcerated. The money
saved due to the SRCA and time spent in prison in comparison to the First Step Act
is laughable. 7 days more a year is a joke. This bill would have you due 6 & 3/4 off
every 10 years and you know how they like giving minorities football numbers. So you can
take the 7 days or FIGHT for JUSTICE and get what we deserve.

I will say this I know for certain -thru my sources- JAY-Z is against the Something is Better
Than Nothing approach. So in his words...WHO YOU WIT\'?

Always My Best,
Eric Van Buren
Post-Conviction consultant/strategist
Author: The Art of Winning
Contributing Writer: Prison-Insider(Paris)
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22662 1 month ago Donna Gallagher Bothell, WA You are a true American, you are speaking your truth to move our nation forward. Thank you for your courage.
22661 1 month ago Bernadette Proulx San Jose, CA
22660 1 month ago Bernadette Proulx San Jose, CA I am so angry that you have been blackballed by the NFL. I have had 49er season tickets for about 50 years. I can hardly wait for them to start winning so I can cash out my tickets. I WILL NOT BE...
22659 1 month ago Anonymous ATLANTA, GA
22658 1 month ago Kerry Johnson Bellevue, NE You are my hero! I think what you are doing is so brave. You are making a difference--please know you are supported.
22657 1 month ago Jim Martinez Arvada , CO Brother and true hero, I as a Vietnam vet. Have deeper respect for you as a man of integrity and true grit, than any punk in the White House that has bone spurs in his wallet pocket, cuz his nazi f...
22656 1 month ago David Pauwelyn North Las Vegas , NV Dear Mr. Kaepernick

Congratulations on your deserved Ambasador of Conscience award from amnesty international. I can’t even imagine the pressures on you to turn a blind eye away from your ...
22655 1 month ago Caren Gore Centennial , CO As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in a speech “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Thank you for standing up for what matters. It’s not a surprise that you’r...
22654 1 month ago Rod McGraw Gig Harbor, WA I am a cracker but mother was a passer so your cause near and dear to me. If they make it too hard to take a knee how about coming up with another sign and let everyone know the cause it stands for...
22653 1 month ago Jane Parkmann Cupertino, CA Hey Colin,

Opps sorry my previous comment got cut off.

Anyhow I’ve always felt a kinship with you as I came from Wisconsin and was a huge Packer fan but when I moved to SF and ...
22652 1 month ago Jane Parkmann Cupertino, CA Hey Colin,

I’m a big Niners fan and I so what you to be our quarterback!
22651 1 month ago Scott Gray Bloomington, IN I am encouraged by the actions of young men such as yourself Mr. Kaepernick. I am, as you, just one person, but what you have put in motion is astounding. I hope that some things I have done in my l...
22650 1 month ago Anonymous White Lake, MI The NFL has caved to an abhorrent man. Let’s ALL drop our heads at all sporting events in support of social justice! Please pass this on!!
22649 1 month ago Sheree Alfonso Lakewood, CO I know it is hard, but keep on fighting, don't back down.
22648 1 month ago Terri Jerry Santa Fe, NM I support Colin and all the other young men who are exercising their rights as citizens to protest the unholy war that this country has long been waging on people of color. The phony, flag-waving p...
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