Urgent: Chelsea Manning is being charged for her own suicide attempt, faces indefinite solitary confinement

After years of inhumane treatment, and having been held in conditions that the UN considers to be torture, Chelsea Manning, the Guardian columnist and whistleblower who has been in prison for years serving a 35-year sentence for exposing some of the U.S. government's worst abuses, attempted to take her own life on July 5th, 2016. Now, Army officials have informed her that she is facing serious new charges directly related to her suicide attempt. These new charges include:

1) Resisting a group of prison guards called "the force cell move team." (Chelsea was unconscious when this team arrived, which makes this charge particularly absurd.)
2) Prohibited property. (For the items she used to attempt to take her own life.)
3) Conduct which threatens. (For somehow putting the prison at risk while attempting to take her own life, quietly, in her own cell.)

Well, I rapped upon a house
With the U.S. flag upon display
I said, "Could you help me out
I got some friends down the way"
The man says, "Get out of here
I'll tear you limb from limb"
I said, "You know they refused Jesus, too"
He said, "You’re not Him."
-- Bob Dylan

ACLU Press Release

Fight for the Future Press Release

If convicted of these bizarre "administrative offenses," she is facing indefinite solitary confinement for the rest of her prison term (another 30 years).

Chelsea is being denied medical treatment for her gender dysphoria, which experts have stated is the only course of treatment through which she would no longer be suicidal.

Tell the Secretary of the Army:

Punishing Chelsea Manning for attempting to take her own life after systemic mistreatment is inhumane. Drop these new charges, and immediately give Chelsea access to adequate health care.

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24548 1 year ago Haven C Vancouver, WA
24547 1 year ago William Shirey Decatur, AL
24546 1 year ago M. Adaline Jyurovat Boulcdf, CO
24545 1 year ago Gloria Anton Kirkland, WA Suicide attempt means: mental health problem. DO NOT PUNISH THE MENTALLY ILL! She is distraught as she's trapped in a gender not of her choice. Give her help, if you can't let her get an operation, ...
24544 1 year ago Janis Pietro Corning, NY Have the officials turned into sadistic inhuman individuals? She doesn't belong in prison and should be released immediately. I think those officials should be required to have psychological evalua...
24543 1 year ago Anonymous Nashville, TN
24542 1 year ago T Hayward MI
24541 1 year ago K R SF, CA
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24535 1 year ago Christina Viljoen Irondale, AL
24534 1 year ago H. Schwartz AE
24533 1 year ago Ashley Ghoorbin Beverly Hills, CA
24532 1 year ago Anonymous Baltimore, MD You bring to World attention how ridiculous the prison system is and how badly the government wishes to keep secrets from the American people and punish whistleblowers instead of honoring them. Plea...
24531 1 year ago John Gammon Raphine, VA
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