Be Like Maine: Dump Superdelegates

Maine's Democratic Party has asked its superdelegates to vote for a presidential nominee in proportion to the actual results of the state's caucuses.

This amounts to eliminating superdelegates by turning them into ordinary delegates pledged to follow the will of the voters.

Click below to add your name to the following petition going to every state Democratic Party:

Democratize your Democratic Party by asking superdelegates to vote in proportion to actual primary results in their state.

26-50 of 23313 signatures
Number Date Name Location Please add comments.
23288 1 year ago Sylvia Piskunov Paterson , NJ
23287 1 year ago M Adaline Jyurovat Boulder, CO Super delegates currently invalidate/destroy the votes of ordinary people. Neither my governor nor any representative has the right to supersede my vote. They should vote according to the actual pri...
23286 1 year ago Robert Cook Corby, ot
23285 1 year ago Roseann Divicino Florence , SC How about if we all dump you? Once your base a bunch of mindless media zombies die off so will your UnDemocratic party
23284 1 year ago Bonnie Oliver Tucson, AZ
23283 1 year ago Sue Leis St Paul, MN Follow the will of the voters and actually represent what they want!
23282 1 year ago Virginia Folsom Cambridge, IA
23281 1 year ago Anonymous Sebastian, FL The whole election has been a selection acted out, and determined before the race began. Limited debates, closed primaries, electronic flipping, gerrymandering, smear campaign and the corporate medi...
23280 1 year ago Chris Blyth New York, NY
23279 1 year ago Vince Mendieta Austin, TX
23278 1 year ago Tiana Brachel Cartersville, GA
23275 1 year ago Geraldine ZIEGLER Apple Valley , CA This would help congress believe our elections are not fixed.
23274 1 year ago Sally Phelps Taos, NM
23273 1 year ago Sally Phelps Taos, NM
23272 1 year ago Dwight Hilpman Lawrence, KS
23271 1 year ago Inga Jaeger Iowa City, IA
23270 1 year ago Nancy Sprague Rockford, OH
23269 1 year ago Loretta Driskell NAMPA, ID
23268 1 year ago Michael Powis Merrickville, CA
23267 1 year ago Carly Mihalakis Berkeley, CA
23266 1 year ago Carly Mihalakis Berkeley, CA
23265 1 year ago Casey Jo Remy Days Creek Rd, OR
23264 1 year ago Darrell Neinast Seguin, TX
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