Stop Rewarding Trump


Stop awarding extra coverage for moral outrages.

If racism, religious bigotry, hatred and war mongering earned politicians and electoral candidates less coverage, many of them would engage in less of it.

When you reward people like Donald Trump with dramatically more coverage the greater his immoral outrages, he continues to escalate them.

Your single-minded drive to increase viewership is endangering the United States and the world.

Fascism can happen here. Reverse your system of rewards and punishments before it is too late.

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14757 3.7 years ago Heidi Mandel Reseda, CA , US
14756 3.7 years ago Jack Coulehan Ontario, CA , US
14755 3.7 years ago Emmalie Blakemore Portland, OR , US
14754 3.7 years ago Jessica Moreira Chicago, IL , US
14753 3.7 years ago Mary Richardson ROCKY MOUNT, NC , US
14752 3.7 years ago Zena Ess Beverly Hills, CA , US
14751 3.7 years ago Joey Stevenson Leitchfield, KY , US
14750 3.7 years ago Madeline Shikomba Philadelphia, PA , US
14749 3.7 years ago Helen Harkaspi Kerhonkson, NY , US Your station will make more money if you make him pay for advertisements.
14748 3.7 years ago Tiana Brachel Cartersville, GA , US
14747 3.7 years ago Cecile Moochnek berkeley, CA , US
14746 3.7 years ago Kate Harder Glen Ellyn, IL , US
14745 3.7 years ago Michael Friedman El Sobrante, CA , US
14744 3.7 years ago Jay Clem Keyser, WV , US Stop playing sock puppets to Trump and his mouthpieces. Trump has demonstrated NO substance on issues that really matter yet the media keeps talking about the petty back and forth and divisive stat...
14743 3.7 years ago L Dufresne F Collins, CO , US
14742 3.7 years ago margaret hashmi Bellingham, WA , US
14740 3.7 years ago Sandra Goodliffe Metairie, LA , US PLEASE STOP GIVING THIS PSYCHOTIC LUNATIC FREE AIRTIME TO SPEW HIS HATRED AND BIGOTRY! ! This could prove to end badly. He might brainwash the idiot fringe into voting him in to the White House.
14739 3.7 years ago Cheryl Berman Armonk, NY , US
14738 3.7 years ago Bonnie Jean Brown Morgantown, WV , US
14737 3.7 years ago Gwen Richards Santa Barbara, CA , US
14736 3.7 years ago Enrique De La Cruz La Feria, TX , US
14735 3.7 years ago Anne Dwyer Boulder, CO , US
14734 3.7 years ago Lorraine Lee Tijeras, NE , US
14733 3.7 years ago Caroline Darst Somerville, MA , US
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