Stop Rewarding Trump


Stop awarding extra coverage for moral outrages.

If racism, religious bigotry, hatred and war mongering earned politicians and electoral candidates less coverage, many of them would engage in less of it.

When you reward people like Donald Trump with dramatically more coverage the greater his immoral outrages, he continues to escalate them.

Your single-minded drive to increase viewership is endangering the United States and the world.

Fascism can happen here. Reverse your system of rewards and punishments before it is too late.

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14782 2.8 years ago Jeanne Mackay Marysville, MI , US
14781 2.8 years ago Karen Hardin Greeneville, TN , US
14780 2.8 years ago Rachel Brooks snohomish, WA , US
14779 2.8 years ago Ann Diven Sarasota, FL , US Good God! You call these infomercials news?? Cut this crap out.
14778 2.8 years ago Elaine Fischer Roanoke, VA , US Stop giving him free PR! Cover only actually newsworthy items, such as policy discussions & events that allow equal time for ALL candidates, such as debates.
14777 2.8 years ago Haven C Vancouver, WA , US
14776 2.8 years ago Candace Herrill Portland, OR , US I am deeply disturbed by the attention Trump is getting for his childish and dangerous rhetoric. It scares me to death that he is a candidate for the presidency. Instead of the penalization that sho...
14775 2.8 years ago Anonymous Los Lunas , NM , US
14774 2.8 years ago B MacDonald Greenfield, MA , US
14773 2.8 years ago Joyce Green Milwaukie, OR , US
14772 2.8 years ago Dane Lamoreaux Glen Lyon, PA , US Media owes the American people fair honest and unbiased reporting on all issues.
14771 2.8 years ago Nancy Fremont Lenox, MA , US You're right!
14770 2.9 years ago Anonymous Fairway, KS , US
14769 2.9 years ago NAISAN MADSON SHOREVIEW, MN , US
14768 2.9 years ago Lauren Gedlinske Apple Valley, MN , US
14767 2.9 years ago Jeff Bence Newtown, PA , US
14766 2.9 years ago taggart howland Vancouver , WA , US
14765 2.9 years ago Gregory McCabe LaCrosse, WI , US
14764 2.9 years ago Cheryl Kowalewski Warsaw, OH , US
14763 2.9 years ago Ella Forbes Portland, OR , US
14762 2.9 years ago Grace Soltis Easton, MD , US I'm tired of hearing about Trump. He is a narcissistic egomaniacal and unscruplous business thug. Your continuous coverage of him may get him elected.
14761 2.9 years ago Joe Khan New York , NY , US
14760 2.9 years ago Jonathan Boyne Honolulu, HI , US
14759 2.9 years ago Denise Dunlap Woodbridge, VA , US
14758 2.9 years ago Devin Henry Alfred, NY , US
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