Bring down the killer flag... of poverty

One way to address the legacy of slavery and racism that creates racial wealth disparity would be to acknowledge the worth of every human being by creating a basic income guarantee.

Background: Remapping Debate: Guaranteed Income's Moment in the Sun

A basic income guarantee -- advocated by individuals ranging from Thomas Paine and Martin Luther King Jr. to President Richard Nixon -- could eliminate poverty, reduce bureaucracy, reduce inequality, and reduce crime and desperation.

Sign this petition to Congress and the President:

Create a basic income guarantee for every American.

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8999 3.2 years ago Austin Martin
8998 3.2 years ago peter leeftink
8997 3.2 years ago Julie Perkins
8996 3.2 years ago G Bommelaere
8995 3.2 years ago Jacob Nolan
8994 3.2 years ago dave popoff
8993 3.2 years ago Davida Kagen
8992 3.3 years ago Jeffrey Vogel
8991 3.3 years ago peter leeftink
8990 3.3 years ago Sarah Fichter
8989 3.3 years ago Rev Crow Swimsaway PhD
8988 3.3 years ago Bridget Brehen
8987 3.3 years ago Iris Moore If everyone who fights against a woman's right to determine when to have children were to support this issue, we could have a much more civilized discussion about that issue also. Thanks
8986 3.3 years ago Anonymous America is a rich country with many poor people, which do not belong here. The racism is based on white poor being diverted to support the rich to continue the staus quo, by diverting the anger to o...
8985 3.3 years ago Anonymous
8984 3.3 years ago Anonymous
8983 3.3 years ago Sharon Wood
8982 3.3 years ago Wyatt Hale
8981 3.3 years ago Susan Lipson
8980 3.3 years ago Loren Sterman
8979 3.3 years ago Margaret S. Maurin
8978 3.3 years ago Katheryn Jeffery
8977 3.3 years ago Roger Walker
8976 3.3 years ago Michael Powis
8975 3.3 years ago Thierry Phillips Barry Goldwater thought this was a good idea also. Then, after Jerry Ford, the Republican Party went from conservative to reactionary, then from reactionary to completely crazy-stupid.
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