Don't "develop" the Grand Canyon

One of the most deservedly celebrated natural wonders in North America is also among the most endangered. Plans for uranium mining, a tourist tram line, and massive "development" threaten the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. Background:
CommonDreams: Grand Canyon in the Crosshairs?
National Geographic: Grand Canyon Development Plans

A mining company, Energy Fuels Resources, is seeking to reopen a uranium mine; a proposed tramway would take tourists from new commercial sites to the canyon’s floor, and the nearby town of Tusayan, Ariz., is proposing 2,000 homes, 3 million square feet of commercial space, a spa, and a dude ranch.

To the U.S. Forest Service:

We urge you to reject Tusayan's application for a special use permit and to put a halt to any more "development" at the Grand Canyon.

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57608 1 year ago Zaida Diaz
57607 1 year ago Veronica Egan Any more human development would be a travesty!
57606 1 year ago Stephanie J. Goldbach
57605 1 year ago Brian V
57604 1 year ago Kim Watts
57603 1 year ago jeff hopkins
57602 1 year ago Jerry Antone Do Not Change the beautiful "Landscape" that, Grand Canyon has to offer to people of the world.
57601 1 year ago Steve Davis
57600 1 year ago Jewel Dotson
57599 1 year ago Marcella Dillard Oh say, can you see? Man is the only animal that destroys his habitat. From piercing the protective ozone layer to ridding the land of the bumble bee to fracking the shining seas, we march toward ou...
57598 1 year ago ANDREW ToLBERT
57597 1 year ago Duane Grindstaff Uranium is not needed. Simply changing from Light Water cooled reactors to Sodium cooled would allow the use of all the nuclear waste as fuel - producing energy and getting rid of a waste problem.
57596 1 year ago David Green Don't let the corporate carpet baggers rape the Grand Canyon.
57595 1 year ago Anonymous
57594 1 year ago Lee Rhoads Please do not develop lands in or near the Grand Canyon.....keep it pristine and lovely for current and future generations to enjoy. Thank you.
57593 1 year ago Mi-Jin Kim
57592 1 year ago Brenda Labenz
57591 1 year ago Jim Labenz We do not urge you, we DEMAND you reject any request for a permit any development at the Grand Canyon!
57590 1 year ago Jim Labenz We do not urge you, we DEMAND you reject any request for a permit any development at the Grand Canyon!
57589 1 year ago Beatrice Birch
57588 1 year ago Marla de Vries
57587 1 year ago Michael Pigott
57586 1 year ago Sylwia Zielinska
57585 1 year ago Janice Lawrence
57584 2 years ago Jason Patman
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