Prosecute Torturers

Since long before George W. Bush became president, torture or complicity in torture has been a felony under U.S. law, and the United States has been party to treaties requiring that it prosecute whenever there is sufficient evidence to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction.

There is more than a reasonable prospect of conviction. But is there the will to prosecute? Can a nation that will not indict a police officer videotaped choking a man to death indict numerous officials who ordered acts of torture from air-conditioned offices?

That's up to us. There was not the will to release the Senate report until we generated it. Please start by signing below:

We call on President Obama to allow the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce our laws, and to immediately appoint a special prosecutor.

As torture is a crime of universal jurisdiction, we call on any willing court system in the world to enforce our laws if our own courts will not do so.

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    16741 6.2 years ago Nancy Currah Casper, WY Torture is and has been illegal, period! Instead of pretending to care, relitigate the case or come up w/new laws already on the books, our DOJ needs to follow the law and prosecute, NOW! The presi...
    16740 6.2 years ago Sister Gladys Schmitz Mankato, MN
    16739 6.2 years ago Cherie Holman Seattle, WA
    16738 6.2 years ago Marie Spike Grand Ledge, MI
    16737 6.2 years ago Harry Kershner Portland, OR
    16736 6.2 years ago Mary Avice St Gabriel, QC
    16735 6.2 years ago Wesley Hoaglund Orlando, FL
    16734 6.2 years ago Jeff Campbell Scappoose, OR
    16733 6.2 years ago Dewey Jackson Key Largo, FL
    16732 6.2 years ago Betsy Farmer Waynesville, NC
    16731 6.2 years ago Elaine Heathcoat Waynesville, NC
    16730 6.2 years ago Susan Armistead Key Largo, FL The United States of America has tortured it opponents both foreign and domestic, for centuries while criminalizing and violently overthrowing other regimes around the world that do the same as lon...
    16729 6.2 years ago Ray Lamoureux Colchester, CT
    16728 6.2 years ago Nicolas J S Davies North Miami, FL Law Not War!
    16727 6.2 years ago Karen and Jeff Hay Kailua, HI
    16726 6.2 years ago David Perry SOUND BEACH, NY
    16725 6.2 years ago Chris Berg Flat Rock, NC
    16724 6.2 years ago Catherine Pottinger Seattle, WA
    16723 6.2 years ago TROY TROYER concord, CA
    16722 6.2 years ago Susan Johnson Sarasota, FL
    16721 6.2 years ago Will Trippet Georgetown, TX its the principle: yesterday as an aberration might be questionable, but what happens when tomorrow they unquestioningly come for you as a standard policy?
    16720 6.2 years ago Gian Colista Harper Woods, MI
    16719 6.2 years ago Jennifer Heckart Ardmore, PA
    16718 6.2 years ago Mark Choi Pittsburgh, PA
    16717 6.3 years ago Frances Hoenigswald Philadelphia, PA
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