Overturn Citizens United. Save Democracy.

The massive influx of money into our political system, made possible by rulings like the one in Citizens United v. FEC, has created an unprecedented crisis. We have seen an explosion of outside spending, as well as a glut of spending by tax-exempt "dark money" organizations that don't have to disclose their donors.
Open Secrets: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
Demos: Election Spending 2012
Reuters Poll: Most Americans Think Too Much Money in Politics
Senator Udall’s resolution, S.J.Res. 19 with cosponsors list.

The conflation of money with free speech has created a political environment wherein money routinely drowns out other voices. In the 2012 election cycle, just 132 donors giving at least $1 million each were responsible for 60.4% of all the money Super PACs raised.

Today, three-quarters of Americans agree that money has become a corrupting influence over our political process. A Constitutional Amendment to fix the problem is gaining support in the U.S. Senate.  Please sign this petition:

Money is not speech, corporations are not people, and our political system will not work if we don’t overturn Citizens United. We demand that the U.S. Senate pass this Constitutional Amendment (S.J.Res. 19) on behalf of democracy.

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    20327 4 years ago John Welch
    20326 4 years ago Patrick Sennello
    20325 4 years ago Jeanne Mackay
    20324 4.1 years ago Gary Hull
    20323 4.1 years ago Dwight Hilpman
    20322 4.1 years ago Kahleen Murphy
    20321 4.1 years ago J. Woodworth
    20320 4.1 years ago jo Stokes The voice of the average citizen is drowned out by the influence from the HUGE amounts of money that is coming from these special interest groups, which are controlled by large corporations. They ar...
    20319 4.1 years ago Sam You
    20318 4.2 years ago DON CLERC The Supreme Court has laid the groundwork for the next Civil War unless this decision is overturned.
    20317 4.2 years ago Tariq Bayzid
    20316 4.2 years ago wes Howard
    20315 4.2 years ago Amy Harlib END CORPORATE RULE!
    20314 4.2 years ago Anonymous
    20313 4.2 years ago Arthur Altree
    20312 4.2 years ago Claudia Bloom
    20311 4.2 years ago Tye Hampton Stop money buying congress NOW.
    20310 4.2 years ago Honey Friedman
    20309 4.2 years ago Anonymous
    20308 4.3 years ago linda seaver
    20307 4.3 years ago Anonymous
    20306 4.3 years ago Joshua Zwolenik
    20305 4.3 years ago Lynne Banta
    20304 4.3 years ago Lucas Brown
    20303 4.3 years ago Richard Bourne
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