Tell Obama to Enforce the Civil Rights Act

Join us in asking President Obama to enforce Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which gives
him the power to cut off federal funds from any agency using them in a racially discriminatory manner.

He has not done this in virtually any cases and is not sufficiently investigating government agencies to
determine their compliance.

Eric Mann, The Nation: The Battle Over Buses in Los Angeles
Also available without a subscription here.

Fight for the Soul of the Cities

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority has violated the civil rights of a half-million bus riders, 75% of them black or Latino, by cutting 1 million hours of bus service and raising monthly bus passes to $72 while giving away public funds to rail developers and contractors.

The Bus Riders Union and Public Advocates brought a civil rights suit under Title VI to the Federal Transit Administration, which whitewashed the MTA's violations.

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