Stop Supporting – and Start Punishing – Saudi Arabia

Four reasons to take action against Saudi Arabia:

  1. Saudi Arabia buys huge amounts of U.S. and European weaponry, which it uses to slaughter civilians in Yemen, including bombing a hospital, and to repress democracy at home and in neighboring Bahrain.
  2. Saudi Arabia sells huge amounts of fossil fuels to the United States and other nations, which they use to render the earth's climate uninhabitable.
  3. Saudi Arabia is the leading source of funding for violent groups terrorizing the Middle East, as well as the attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.
  4. Saudi Arabia brutally oppresses its own people, including beheading pro-democracy activists.

Western powers have generally seen points 1 and 2 above as positive -- so positive in fact as to require ignoring points 3 and 4. It is time we changed this perspective. Please sign the petition below.

We call on the governments of the world to stop providing Saudi Arabia with weaponry, and to boycott, divest from, and implement sanctions against that country until the Saudi government ends its military aggression and abuse of human rights.

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33696 1 month ago Anonymous Harlow, ot , GB Saudi Arabia abuses Human Rights & the right to peaceful protest. We must stop supporting them. It was a disgrace that the UK granted the Saudi princes a state visit.
33695 1 month ago Anonymous Cheshire, GB I hate this murderous country and its attitutude towards its vitizens. The regjme should be punished and be depised, and democracy should be installed without further sdo.
33694 1 month ago Anonymous Cheshire, GB I hate this murderous country and its attitutude towards its vitizens. The regjme should be punished and be depised, and democracy should be installed without further sdo.
33693 1 month ago Anonymous Hamilton, ON , CA
33692 1 month ago Tom Davies Cambridge , GB
33691 2 months ago Tom Davies Cambridge , GB
33690 5 months ago Marcia Donahue Rhodes, CA , GR
33689 5 months ago Anonymous Arlington , TX , US
33688 5 months ago Anonymous Arlington , TX , US
33687 6 months ago Anonymous Laramie, WY , US
33686 7 months ago Anonymous Perton, ot , GB Civilised and humane policy is the litmus test as to whether a country is ruled by psycopaths or compassionate, conscionable and honest human beings.
33685 8 months ago Bassam Imam Montreal , QC , CA GOD-willing, the Saud regime will terminate, and a benevolent regime will replace it.
33684 8 months ago Nancy Loewen San Francisco, CA , US
33683 8 months ago Abbas Ehsani Porter Ranch , CA , US
33682 10 months ago Stephanie Christoff White Plains, NY , US
33681 11 months ago Bassam Imam Montreal , QC , CA GOD-Willing the Saudi Regime Will Collapse Very Soon, and then Will be Replaced by a Much Better Regime.
33680 11 months ago Dave Miller Stewartsville, NJ , US We need to get the world in order!
33679 11 months ago Karlos Vasak New Brunswick, NJ , US Nations that consider themselves sovereign should stop recognizing Saudi Arabia as such for their war crimes and crimes against humanity, the latest of which is the recognition of a robot as a citiz...
33678 11 months ago Anonymous Englewood cliffs , NJ , US
33677 12 months ago Gwendolyn Debrow Ozone Park, NY , US
33676 12 months ago Anita Rosenblithe New York, NY , US I just saw Democracy Now and learned that a US-made bomb supplied to Saudi Arabia just killed civilians. I also discovered that the US is scheduled to send millions of more dollars for weapons to Sa...
33675 12 months ago Kay Binder US The country whose representative was quoted today as proclaiming that women are half as intelligent as men! Some "friends" we have!
33674 12 months ago Scott Harris Trumbull, CT , US It should be a criminal offense to offer aid and training to a nation that supports terrorism and terrorist groups, Saudi Arabia being among the worst offenders in the world today.
33673 1 year ago Yann (Jan) van Heurck Madison, CT , US
33672 1 year ago Carryl Sorene London, ot , GB
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