No Bushes or Clintons in 2016

U.S. tradition opposes hereditary family rule. Yet seven presidential elections in a row (1980-2004) featured a Bush and/or a Clinton on a major party presidential ticket. And it may happen again. The Bushes and Clintons have presided over national decline — including the corporatization and militarization of our society, environmental destruction, middle-class decline, persistent poverty, eroding civil liberties, a racially-biased "drug war," corporate trade pacts, and ever-rising college costs. It’s time to break free of corporatist policies.


In the course of decades of national political decline presided over largely by two ruling families, it becomes necessary to declare our independence and seek new leadership and new direction. I therefore join with others in adding my name to this document – pledging to reject future domination of government by the Bushes and Clintons and by Bush/Clinton-like policies.

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15606 3.2 years ago Anonymous Arlington , TX
15605 4.6 years ago Eric Conger Portland, OR TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15604 4.6 years ago Linda James Kissimmee, FL I hope Hillary, Bill and Chelsea got the message, their last name isn't Kennedy and we don't want anymore Clinton's in Washington
15602 4.9 years ago Anonymous Culpeper, VA
15601 5 years ago Connie Stomper Santa Barbara, CA
15600 5 years ago Ineke Deruyter Portland, OR
15599 5 years ago Kaitlin Marcisz Aptos, CA
15598 5 years ago Dorrine Marshall Irvine, CA
15597 5 years ago Laurel palmer Wood dale, IL
15596 5 years ago David Swanson Charlottesville, VA
15595 5.1 years ago Zane Stokes St. Joseph, MO
15594 5.1 years ago Christine Sommerfeldt Saskatoon, SK
15593 5.2 years ago E B S, WA
15592 5.3 years ago Hector Brito Austin, TX They are traitors and corrupt!
15591 5.3 years ago Anonymous MUNCIE, IN
15590 5.4 years ago Amy Harlib New York, NY NO MORE CORPORATE FASCIST TOOLS!
15589 5.4 years ago GLORIA RIEPMA VANCOUVER, WA Hillary Clinton’s Single-Payer Pivot Greased By Millions in Industry Speech Fees Hillary...
15588 5.5 years ago Marypat Green Littleton, CO #NoMoreBushes #NoMoreClintons
15587 5.5 years ago Margie G. Martinez Calhoun, GA Delighted to sign this petition! You made my day! No more Bushes and no more Clinton's. You should've added no more #Warmongers!
15586 5.5 years ago Gene Gossett Portland, OR
15585 5.5 years ago Gene Gossett Portland, OR
15584 5.5 years ago roger thornhill london, ot
15583 5.5 years ago Anonymous roseville, MI
15582 5.5 years ago Larry Bourdeau Jefferson, TX Don't keep beating yourself in the head, try Bernie.
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