What Do They Do to Whistleblowers Who Are Already in Prison?

Kevin "Rashid" Johnson has been blowing the whistle on abuse and torture in U.S. prisons. These actions would take courage even if Rashid were a guard, but Rashid is a prisoner. Background:
Truthout: Odyssey of a Prisoner-Advocate, From Virginia to Texas
CommonDreams: On Soul-Killing Solitary
Kevin "Rashid" Johnson: Audio essay "We Are All Doing Time"

Rashid has been documenting widespread and routine food deprivation, sleep deprivation, physical torture, denial of medical care, extended solitary confinement, death threats, the instigation of racial divisions, unsanitary conditions, destruction of property, interference with letters, denial of legal rights, and retribution against those who expose, protest, or organize.

It's up to us to hear the cries of one prisoner speaking for many others, and to raise our voices with theirs for basic human rights.

Email the Virginia and Texas prison authorities:

You may also wish to call the office of the TDCJ's Inspector General, Bruce Toney, at:
(512) 671-2480
(866) 372-8329

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