Abolish the CIA

Former President Harry Truman said he'd wanted to create the Central Intelligence Agency for the same reason that George W. Bush said he'd wanted to create the director of national intelligence, in order to have a single agency reconcile conflicting information from various other agencies.

"I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations," wrote Truman, who wanted the CIA restricted to "intelligence."
> Harry Truman: Limit CIA Role To Intelligence
> McClatchy: WikiLeaks shows CIA cracked smart phones, hid flaws from Apple
> David Talbot: The Devil's Chessboard
> Douglas Valentine: The Phoenix Program
> CNN: Karzai: CIA Promises to Continue Cash Payments
> The Atlantic: Drone War Has More Victims Than Bush-Era CIA Scandals
> Washington Post: An Alternative Explanation for Benghazi

We've now had 70 years of government overthrows, election interference, arming of terrorists, kidnapping, murder, torture, lies to justify wars, bribery of foreign officials, cyber-attacks, and other sorts of "peacetime cloak and dagger," plus open warfare waged by this unaccountable agency including through the use of drones.

With vast sums of unaccounted-for money, much of it generated by off-the-books proprietary companies and illegal activities like drug smuggling, the CIA spreads corruption around the world. This corruption undermines the U.S. government and the rule of law. CIA attacks on foreign governments and peoples backfire against the United States time and time again.

We've just learned that the CIA has been illegally keeping secret and exploiting weaknesses in U.S. companies' technology, hiding flaws from Apple, Google, and all of their customers.

Please add your name to this petition to Congress:

We urge you to abolish the Central Intelligence Agency.

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8373 1 week ago Robert Thomas Rowland Heights , CA The time has come for the abolishment of the Central Intelligence Agency; it is nothing but a detriment to our foreign policy.
8372 1 week ago Anonymous Jackson, MI The CIA is a great danger to all of humanity.
8371 1 week ago Anonymous ATHENS, MI
8370 1 week ago Anonymous Minneapolis, MN
8369 1 week ago Mark M Giese Racine, WI
8368 1 week ago Anonymous Tallahassee , FL
8367 1 week ago Robert Noval Miami, FL
8366 2 weeks ago Ruth Valdez Aptos, CA
8365 2 weeks ago Val Zampedro COLUMBUS, OH
8364 2 weeks ago Anonymous Eugene, CA
8363 3 weeks ago Bobby bennett Desoto, TX Human experiments on americans ,and around the world
8362 3 weeks ago Robert Collette Tucson, AZ Involved in Kennedy assassination which kicked off their global fascist revolution.
8361 3 weeks ago Domingo Hermosillo Renton, WA
8360 3 weeks ago Jelica Roland Buzet, ot
8359 3 weeks ago Dutch Abraham East peoria , IL Splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces. In the words of Mike Pompeo, they are just a bunch of liars, cheaters and stealers!
8358 3 weeks ago Rage Against The Machine ot 70 years of global terrorism & organised crime. Henchmen of the US oligarchy and the elite. Absolute traitors to the US constitution under article 3, section III. Anyone ever associated should face...
8357 3 weeks ago Janet Zampieri Tucson, AZ
8356 3 weeks ago Anonymous Dunedin RD2, ot Read James Douglass "JFK & The Unspeakable. Why he died & Why it matters." or indeed the review by Edward Curtin. There is no shadow of doubt that the CIA killed JFK, MLK and RFK because they all th...
8355 3 weeks ago Shodo Spring Fairbault, MN All the CIA does is harm. Not in my name! Nor on my tax dollars either.
8354 3 weeks ago Lois Jordan Tucson, AZ
8353 3 weeks ago Eric Schechter Nashville, TN
8352 3 weeks ago Kat Swift Goleta, CA The nihilism practiced by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies is no future for human-kind or the planet. Full spectrum military dominance is flat out insanity.
8351 3 weeks ago Anonymous preston, CT
8350 3 weeks ago Daniel Yazbek Brighton, MA
8349 3 weeks ago Anonymous Boulder, MA It is high time to abolish the Caustic Incompetence Agency (CIA). They have done nothing but sow misery and immorality since their inception. On top of that, blowback is inevitable from the ...
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