Standing Rock attacked, needs our voices right now

Native Americans and their allies have been attacked and injured by police using rubber bullets, tear gas, mace canisters and water cannons in freezing temperature.

> TYT Politics: Barbaric Dakota Access Oil Police Cause Mass Hypothermia
> Democracy Now: 100+ Injured by Police Attack with Water Cannons, Rubber Bullets
> Associated Press: Police, Protesters Face off at Dakota Access Pipeline

The courageous water protectors at Standing Rock are protecting the climate of the earth we all need to live on.

This is an emergency.
Please sign the petition below that is helping us bring attention to these outrages.

Then call the phone numbers
on the next page to demand a halt to this injustice.

Please sign this petition
to President Barack Obama, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple, the Morton County Sheriff's Department, and the Army Corps of Engineers:

Regarding Standing Rock, we urge you to remove the National Guard. Halt the provision of war weapons and war training to police departments. Demilitarize police actions at Standing Rock. Send Department of Justice observers. Deny the Army Corps of Engineers' permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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33972 1 week ago Pedro Augusto Redondo Saraiva Lisboa , ot , PT
33971 3 months ago wes howard Hutchins, TX , US
33970 3 months ago wes howard Hutchins, TX , US
33969 3 months ago Dena Lenard Addison, TX , US
33968 3 months ago Dena Lenard Addison, TX , US
33967 3 months ago Golden Rule Los Angeles, CA , US
33966 3 months ago Nancy Sprague Rockford, OH , US
33965 3 months ago Claudia Honsberg Bayport, NY , US
33964 4 months ago Nancy Sprague Rockford, OH , US
33963 4 months ago Inga Jaeger Iowa City, IA , US
33962 4 months ago Ruvita Maharaj Richmond, CA , US
33961 4 months ago Anonymous VOORHEES, NJ , US
33960 4 months ago Christina Viljoen Irondale, AL , US
33959 4 months ago elizabeth ketz-robinson alexandria, VA , US
33958 5 months ago Melissa Bohn AZ , US
33957 5 months ago D. Rincon Fresno, CA , US
33956 5 months ago martina thiele Warrawong, ot , AU Regarding Standing Rock, we demand that you remove the national guard. Halt the provision of war weapons and war training to police departments. Demilitarize police actions at Standing Rock. Send De...
33955 5 months ago Terry Lushbough Iola, KS , US This continued treatment of the American Indians and their rights must stop. They have as much right under our laws as any other American does and more so. America has shamefully treated the America...
33954 5 months ago Ken Gale NYC, NY , US "The environment" is not some abstract thing. It is the air we breathe and the water we drink and crop irrigation quality and all this affects our health and health costs.
33953 5 months ago J Atha Huntsville , AL , US Everyone must protect clean water, especially when this double standard exists.
33952 5 months ago DANNY ADAMS MESA, AZ , US Congratulations, President D.J. Trump
HEMP- The Most Valuable Plant On Earth.
The removal of Cannabis from the "Schedule of Drugs List", would help make America great again.
The reintroPresident Woodrow Wilson appointed Author Mellon (owner of Gulf Oil) to the position of Sec. Of the U.S. Treasury. With Mellon in office, the elimination Hemp from the open market would have a guiding hand. Why would the owner of Gulf Oil want to remove hemp from the open markets? One acre/yr. of hemp produces 250 gals. of nature-friendly, BIODIESEL. That takes money out of the big oil\'s pockets.
Big oil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and the Cotton Industries benefited greatly after Hemp was eliminated.
The passage of the "Marihuana Tax Act in 1937" allowed our Government tax a crop that doesn\'t leave the farm. They were forced to buy their fuel needs from the big oil\'s refineries, like the Gulf Oil\'s refinery.
With the addition of state and federal taxes added on to the price of the diesel, it made for an expense to the farmer, whereas before, it was free for the making.
No more fracking will be needed if hemp oil is used instead of fossil fuels. The tar sands pipeline will NOT be needed.'); return false;">...
33951 5 months ago Anonymous Fresno, CA , US
33950 5 months ago Dwight Hilpman Lawrence, KS , US
33949 5 months ago Tiana Brachel Cartersville, GA , US
33948 5 months ago Madeleine Villatoro Austin, TX , US
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