Petition to Open Up the Presidential Debates

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We deserve 4-way debates. We will deliver this petition and your names and comments to ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Broadcasting, PBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Univision, and Telemundo.

To Network TV Executives:
Tell the Commission on Presidential Debates and major-party campaigns that they no longer control the debate process and that you intend to present debates – controlled by journalists – that include four candidates: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green Party). If Trump or Clinton balk, let them know you’re happy to leave their podium empty.

We urge you to follow a recommendation made by a citizens' task force connected to American University's law school: Include presidential candidates who are on enough state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning, if they either register at 5 percent in national public opinion polls OR register a majority in national polls asking eligible voters which candidates they would like to see included in the debates.

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19941 4.8 years ago Anonymous Tucson, AZ Include Catherine Ripley
Highly qualified(more then anyone in the dt cult)retired Naval Officer.Former US
19940 5 years ago Anonymous Arlington , TX
19939 5.2 years ago Anonymous Topanga, CA
19938 5.4 years ago Derrick Dennis Colonial Heights, VA
19937 5.6 years ago Dale Bitsch Pacific, MO Any candidate that is on the ballot in all 50 states should automatically be included in the debates. Poll numbers can easily be skewed and biased and should not be an eligibility requirement to a...
19936 5.6 years ago Adam (GPUT) Guymon Salt Lake City, UT I am Disabled & I Lost Faith in the News & Media in 2012. I watched the news religiously to try to find out more on each of the candidates & if they aligned with my needs & beliefs. When all I heardWe The People DEMAND Our RIGHT to the EDUCATION of who We The People who have the Right to ELECT to Office! We The People DEMAND That Our PARTY"S Be Part of the DEBATES!!!!! I believe in the Green Part & the Green Party of Utah. The GPUT, GPUTDC & GPUS believe in the Following as a RIGHT!

Public Transit (Locally & Nationally)
Health Care
ADA Access & Accessible Equipment & Services
Public Utilities
Livable Wage *(#No2SubMinimWage!)
Fair Trade
Supports Local, Community/People & Local Small Business
Freedom Of Speech
Clean, Air & Water
Animal Rights

This list is just to name a few of the many different things that the Green Party Supports.
@GreenPartyofUT on Twitter.

If you have any questions Please email me at:
Please leave in Subject *(Petition Questions 101-A)'); return false;">...
19935 5.6 years ago Vince Bjork Lake City, IA
19934 5.7 years ago Carl Arndt St. Charles, IL
19933 5.8 years ago Natalie Clark Ames, IA
19932 6 years ago Anonymous CA
19931 6.1 years ago Dena Lenard Addison, TX
19930 6.2 years ago G. Bommelaere Colorado Springs, CO
19929 6.2 years ago Della Melton Murrells Inlet, SC So tired of a broken 2-party system
19928 6.2 years ago kenneth weis East Hartford, CT
19927 6.3 years ago Gina Caracci Cocoa, FL we all know the two 'parties' are owned so if this is truly a democracy then whats the harm? Oh I know YOUR PROFITS
19926 6.3 years ago Pamela hall Bishopville, SC
19925 6.3 years ago Anonymous San Francisco , CA
19924 6.3 years ago Mark Lungo Berea, OH
19923 6.4 years ago Georgia Hughes Blackpool, GB+H2
19922 6.4 years ago Wendy Ebersberger Front Royal, VA The so-called "debates" of 2016 were a travesty. The bipartisan CPD should not be allowed to determine which candidates the networks include in debates. Voters should be able to watch debates and le...
19921 6.4 years ago Daniel Alva Albuquerque, NM
19920 6.4 years ago Danette Reid St. Petersburg, FL
19919 6.4 years ago Laura Podell Alameda , CA
19917 6.4 years ago Judith Conway Breckenridge, CO This country is "organized" to HIDE its workings and infrastructure from the
overworked, scared, STUPID, misinformed, pleasure-seeking, irresponsible
citizens. Unfortunately, those who are while pretending to be a democracy. Meanwhile, all the things that have allowed this country (despite 200 yrs of ups/downs/mistakes) are slowly but surely being eroded to a tipping point (economically, MORALLY) from which I doubt this momentum can recover. The expansion of GLOBAL CORRUPTION, of which MOST Americans are also blissfully ignorant accelerates and insures the eventual demise of this country. THERE ARE NO LONGER "REAL" CHECKS AND BALANCES to maintain our previous course. GREED and POWER are the new goals of America. And FALSE and convenient references to our CONSTITUTION are miss-used whenever convenient !!!
We\'ve had a good run (better than most), but the "flaws" of the human species has eventually arisen again, despite our technology, advancements in knowledge and the benefits of reflecting on the history of previous civilizations and scientific knowledge, and the benefits of reflecting on the history of previous civilizations and scientific knowledge, we have not used it to move our species forward, but have used it to feed our own egos, and cannabolize others. CORPORATIONS and the superficial, greedy MEDIA feed off each to the detriment of society. (MY COMMENT WAS TRUNCATED, SORRY)'); return false;">...
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