Tell the Norwegian Government to Let Edward Snowden Come to Norway

On November 18, Edward Snowden will be awarded Norwegian PEN's Ossietzky Prize for outstanding achievements as a whistleblower. We do not want Snowden's chair to be empty in the University Hall in Oslo due to lack of approval to travel to Oslo, as Ossietzky himself was prevented by Hitler from coming to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1936.

Co-inviters behind this petition include:
Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Daniel Ellsberg, Marit Arnstad, Jesselyn Radack, Arne Ruth, Ola Larsmo, Coleen Rowley, Thomas Drake, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, Marjorie Cohn, William Binney, William Nygaard, John Kiriakou, Moddi, and Mari Boine.

Please sign this petition to the Government of Norway:

We urge the government of Norway to ensure that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden can safely enter Norway to receive The Ossietzky Prize, which will be formally bestowed upon Mr. Snowden by the freedom of expression group Norwegian PEN 18 November 2016. This will require that Norway commit to providing Mr. Snowden guaranteed protection from extradition to the United States.

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25729 1 year ago C Taylor Ottawa, ON , CA I urge the government of Norway to ensure that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden can safely enter and live in Norway.
25728 1 year ago jane baird Ottawa, ON , CA
25727 1 year ago Terry Balch Katy, TX , US while he deserves the medal of freedom , clemency will have to do.
25726 1 year ago Anonymous IQ+07 , IQ
25725 1 year ago Anonymous Marine City, MI , US I feel that Edward should be forgiven for telling the truth the truth hurts doesn't it especially with the government
25724 1 year ago Amber Courie Lodi, OH , US I PROUDLY STAND WITH SNOWDEN!
25723 1 year ago Renee Lingk Elkhorn, WI , US
25722 1 year ago Anonymous El Paso, TX , US I feel this is the tip of the iceberg and atrocities have been committed that this is just the beginning stage of bringing this out into the open. People must understand that we have to reveal what...
25721 1 year ago Anonymous Kufstein, AT+07 , AT I stand with Snowden
25720 1 year ago Paul Baird Gold Coast, AU With political leaders, institutions, media outlets and more operating in a moral vacuum and without adequate accountability and transparency as should be required within democratic systems the only...
25719 2 years ago Patricia poole Cherry Hill, NJ , US
25718 2 years ago Bobby Gill CAMBRIDGE, GB+C3 , GB
25717 2.2 years ago Joshua Croft Lawndale, NC , US All of humanity is under the very real threat of being completely and utterly enslaved under a truly evil global technocratic totalitarian surveillance system. This man risked his life to expose thi...
25716 2.2 years ago Anonymous San Leandro, CA , US For once, show the world that you actually have a government with integrity and virtue.
25715 2.2 years ago Sagar Chetry Biswanath Charli, IN+03 , IN
25714 2.2 years ago Anonymous Rural Retreat, VA , US As usual USA got it backwards. Snowden and Assage should be pardoned. It is Brennan and Clapper that should be in prison
25713 2.2 years ago Marta Abbate Cernusco sul Naviglio, IT+09 , IT
25712 2.2 years ago Nora Klein Houston,, TX , US
25711 2.2 years ago Anonymous indore, IN
25710 2.2 years ago Robin Manil BE Snowden is an Inuit, he is the people. Help a brother out
25709 2.3 years ago John doe Los Gatos, CA , US free this patriot. free Snowden!!
25708 2.3 years ago Ji?í Hrachovina Brno, CZ+78 , CZ
25707 2.3 years ago micah cohen savannah, GA , US He is a patriot
25706 2.3 years ago Anonymous Santa Rosa, CA , US Snowden is a true patriot, he reported illegal actions taken by our own government which was against the people, and he did it in a responsible way.
25705 2.4 years ago Tyler Petrone Hamilton, NY , US
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