Tell Hillary Clinton to Stop Lying About Single-Payer

A single-payer health plan covers everyone and lowers costs. It does not deprive anyone of health coverage or empower any governor to do so.

Unless you're in the top 5% for income, you save more by tearing up your health insurance bills than you pay in higher taxes under single-payer.

The claims that Hillary Clinton is making are false. Please sign the petition:

To Hillary Clinton:

Stop lying about single-payer.

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13815 5 years ago Anonymous Arlington , TX
13814 5.2 years ago joan simmons phoenix, AZ
13813 5.5 years ago Anonymous fairmont, WV if I were not a senior citizen I would beat the crap out of that horrible and greedy woman!
13812 5.7 years ago Cora Pantoja Canyon country , CA If single pay system is good then why does other countries that have it come here for heath care?
13811 5.7 years ago Tamar Dick Bethlehem, PA
13810 6.1 years ago Matt Courter Seattle, WA
13809 6.1 years ago Ken Gale NYC, NY Doctors and nurses should control the medical-industrial complex, not insurance companies.
13808 6.2 years ago Kae Toguchi Mililani, HI
13807 6.2 years ago Ken Gale NYC, NY Stuff like this adds up to a loss in November.
13806 6.2 years ago Mary Boland Carbondale, CO
13805 6.2 years ago Cindy Jefferys Thorndale, TX
13804 6.2 years ago Cindy Jefferys Thorndale, TX
13803 6.5 years ago Anonymous Chandler, AZ
13802 6.5 years ago Anonymous TX DO YOU WANT A CRIMINAL FOR YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT? HERE IS A MUST SEE VIDEO: Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal:
13801 6.5 years ago Rebecca Mathis Beverly, NJ
13800 6.5 years ago Lester Kober Quinton, NJ Stop talking maybe then you'll stop lying.
13799 6.6 years ago Michele Maloney Louisville, KY Before I became disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis, I was a Certified Professional Coder. I saw many, many patient claims that had been billed more than once. I tried to keep up with the Reimbursem...
13798 6.6 years ago Vicki Tenney Arvada , CO
13797 6.7 years ago Robert Cook Corby, ot
13796 6.7 years ago Anonymous Phoenix, AZ clean the liars out of washington
13795 6.7 years ago Anonymous Jefferson hills, PA If liar Hillary says it do not believe it she is a crook and a liar and thinks she is above the law
13794 6.8 years ago wes Howard Hutchins, TX
13793 6.8 years ago Eileen Ordway Springfield, OR
13792 6.8 years ago Chris Moffo Poland, OH
13791 6.8 years ago Linda Trescott Hamilton, MT Stop lying
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