Let Afghan Peace Activist Visit U.S.


UPDATE: We won! Hakim has been granted a visa! Thank you to everyone who helped!



Dr. Wee Teck Young is a Singaporean physician and activist who has lived and worked in Afghanistan for years, organizing a group of young people called the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.  They have worked to promote nonviolent alternatives, ethnic reconciliation, and an end to war.

Dr. Wee shuns his official title, preferring "Hakim," the name bestowed on him by Afghans after he had served as a public health doctor among refugees on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  In the Dari language, "Hakim" means "learned one and local healer."

This week, the Fellowship of Reconciliation awarded Hakim its International Peace Prize.  Also this week, the U.S. State Department refused to grant Hakim a visa to visit the United States, where he would speak about nonviolence.

Urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to grant Hakim a visa.

Janice L. Jacobs

Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs


Hugo Llorens

Assistant Chief of Mission, Embassy of Afghanistan


Louis Mazel

Deputy Chief of Mission, Singapore